A Week in the Life of Unschoolers


We started this week at the Library. There nothing like being surrounded by books to lift one spirits. Our son, Gabriel, made his selection and walked out like a boss. There was a little strut and everything!

Following our trip to the Library we proceeded to read all about Corn Snakes, Black Mambas, Rattlesnakes, and King Cobras. Yes, there was a theme. Gabriel may or may not be slightly obsessed with snakes this week. We did a little light reading with The Magic School Bus: Field Trip Fact book and the book Too Many Pumpkins. We also finished the book Goblins.

The kids were in the kitchen daily preparing sweet treats. They made cupcakes, cauldron cakes, and chocolate chip cookies.

Once the treats were ready to eat we had our Tea Time...or Hot Chocolate Time for the kids. While we enjoyed the kids baking, we each read aloud from the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. When I wasn't reading, I was knitting. I finished Gabriel's Griffindor Scarf last week. The Scarf turned out so well my husband asked me to make one for him. Except, he wants his all black.

Gabriel did really well on his Paleobiology class. He learned all about the naming of a species, holotypes, populations, and Taxonomy. He worked on a new blog post called LEGO Americana. You can read it HERE! Gabriel has decided to re-listen to J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Fellowship of the Ring" on Audible. This kid is a huge Tolkien fan and he loves listening to Audible while he's building with LEGO's. He played the math game Prodigy daily as well as Minecraft. We read several chapter from the Life of Fred book Edgewood. Our cat didn't like being ignored while he was on the computer, so she tried other means of getting his attention. Disclaimer: Our pets are not allowed on our counters or tables. This was quite the surprise!

We surprised the children one morning with some sensory play...Water Beads! They were a big hit, but the kids still managed to be messy.

There was dressing up and pretend Star Wars play. Yes Jango Fett is wearing pink ballet flats...on the wrong feet.

My living room floor magically sprouted LEGO's and no one knew how it happened. Our daughter, Jade, was very determined to build a house and a fence with LEGO's this week. 

Jade got out the Mancala game several mornings. She likes to count the pebbles as she places them onto the board. She may be ready to play in a few more years!

After I cleaned up her room, Jade enjoyed "discovering" "new" things in the containers. It's funny how that happens! She also "read" several books to me throughout the week.

We had loads of outdoor fun. Jade tried to jump rope!

We went on several nature walks. The kids love playing in the newly fallen leaves, but Gabriel said this pile smelled.

On most outings the kids rode their scooters.

They found colors and made patterns with nature.


We ended our week with a neighborhood Halloween Party. Jade was a Princess and Gabriel was the Ironman War Machine. The kids had loads of fun playing games, winning prizes, and seeing some of the other awesome costumes. Godzilla was a particular favorite. The high point, though, were the s'mores! 


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