LEGO Americana!


Last week my Papa and my Uncle took me to the Mall to see LEGO Americana! LEGO Americana is a LEGO Roadshow that traveled across the US through 2015.

I had an awesome feeling that we would be seeing amazing LEGO's. When we got there I saw just how big these LEGO's were. The Washington Monument was two stories tall! 

So here is your glimpse into Lego Papa took the photos for me.

First we have the US Capitol Building!

Old North Church!

Washington Monument!

Statue of Liberty!

The White House!

The Liberty Bell!

Jefferson Memorial!

Mount Rushmore...the Lego version!

Independence Hall!

Supreme Court!

After the Lego exhibit my Papa took me to the Lego store to pick out a new Lego! Seeing all of these awesome Lego structures inspired me to build bigger structures with my own Lego's at home. Thanks for stopping by my Spot. Sorry about the smile in this last picture. I don't know what happened with that. Just ignore it.


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