I have always read to my children. I read to them daily and bed time is a ritual for us. That is when I read aloud the "really good ones" as Gabriel calls them. Books like the Black Stallion and Bridge to Terabithia. Reading is both our snuggle/bonding time and it was a way for them to associate reading with love. My favorite book to read to Jade right now is a book of Nursery Rhymes that my deceased grandmother had given to Gabriel for his first Christmas. It is such a special book to me and Jade really enjoys it.

I have tried many different methods to help Gabriel learn to read the past couple of years.  Most of them failed because, I believe now, he was not yet ready. Sure he knew the phonetic sounds of the words, he knew his ABC's. I will not name the methods or books we tried because I honestly do not believe it was because they were poor methods. He is a late reader. All of the newest methods or stressing out will not make that any different. When reading finally clicked for Gabriel, he was 2 months from being 7. The Bob books and signing up to read to the therapy dogs at our local library were tools that he used when he was finally ready to take off on his reading adventure.


Now that Gabriel has gone thru all of the Bob books, he is now ready for the Level 1 type of readers. This is the list of books he has read himself. I will update it periodically.

February 2015