Beginner Knitter

I have a dream....of being able to make sweaters throughout the year and giving them as Christmas presents to my closest friends, my children, and my family. In my dream they all squeal with delight and thank me for these beautiful, original garments. I know it may be silly, but I really do want to be that little old lady that makes everyone sweaters...or Mrs. Weasley from the Harry Potter books! She made lovely sweaters for all of her children too! Even if they weren't always appreciated.

I am a self taught knitter...meaning I have watched many, many videos teaching me how to cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch, double knit, etc.  I loved KnittingHelp and the KnitWitch websites. Both of these have great videos for beginner knitters.  I don't do well with reading instructions out of books or magazines. I need to see someone doing it. The first time I tried my hand at knitting, I took some left over blue yarn that my mom had and practiced my knit and purl stitches over and over. I ended up with what looked like a 4ft blue scarf! At least that is what my son said and he claimed it for his own.

Since then, I have made two scarves that didn't turn out so well, a third scarf that turned out beautifully and a fourth double knitted scarf that is taking me forever to finish. The first scarf turned out to be sized for a 2 year old instead of an adult...sorry mom. The second scarf ended up being a 6ft circle...sorry sister. Finally my third attempt produced a beautiful infinity scarf....I gave this one to my mom for Christmas. I was so thrilled to be able to give her such a pretty scarf. It also gave my self esteem the boost it needed to go on to more difficult projects.

I find knitting long as the children are asleep. I cannot knit with them awake because it never fails that they will absolutely need my attention in the middle of a row. I will get called away to help mediate an argument or answer a question about the spine of Dimetradon so that when I get back to my knitting I've forgotten what I was doing or messed up my stitches in some way. No, it is much, much better for me to wait until my little angels are fast asleep. Knitting is me time.

I joined Ravelry, which is a fantastic knitting and crochet community. They have patterns for sale and for free from fellow knitters! This is a great resource! There are also some great homeschool mom bloggers who are knitters and I follow them as well: Ginny Sheller at SmallThings, and Katie at MySweetHomeschool. I have started my own collection of yarn that I have found nice, usable and just plain pretty. I now have a nice stash to help me along with any future projects. As you can see, it is overflowing my storage container...that's a good thing in my opinion! Time to start a sweater and make my dream come true!