Hands on History with Project Passport


Our son is developing a love of history! He is fascinated with the stories, adventures and, in particular, ancient battles. So, I've been on the lookout for a hands on program that incorporates living books, and audio stories that will keep history exciting and that he would enjoy while letting him dive as deeply as he desired into the pages of the past.

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*Disclosure: I received Project Passport: Ancient Greece and The Middle Ages from Home School in the Woods at no cost and was compensated for my time in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I'm not sure who was more excited to review the Project Passport unit study from Home School in the Woods, our son or I... Seriously, his eyes lit up when I mentioned Ancient Greek history. Perhaps it's his fascination with Greek myths, time travel and ancient weaponry, but regardless he wanted to dive right in!

Hands on History with Project Passport

Each Project Passport unit focuses on a different era in time. These in depth units are full of hands on activities. While each unit is meant to last 12 weeks, they could easily be adapted to last 24-32 weeks because there are over 50 projects and activities in each! This is perfect for us as our son likes to tumble down rabbit holes of certain stories, projects, and adventures also known as "STOP's" in each units travel itinerary.

Project Passports include units on:

What you get with Project Passport

The Project Passport units come in a CD or downloadable file form. Now, get ready because there is a TON of information to go through and print out. For some moms it will be best to go ahead and print everything out and ready it all at once. For other's, myself included, it may be overwhelming to print out all of that information at once. Instead I focused on one "STOP" at a time. There are 25 "Stops" in all.

Along your "Snapshot Moment in History" timeline there are also various maps of the ancient world. We enjoyed reading about the early people of Greece and their towns and cities as they sprang up on the maps.

One of our first "Stops" dealt with the Trojan War! We loved that there was even a postcard from Agamemnon! There is a dramatized audio called the "Trojan Horse Tour" that our son LOVED! There are more "Postcards from Famous Folk" and audio dramatizations for other "Stops" along the way.

One of our favorite "Projects" for Ancient Greece is the "Greek Life" board game. It sort of like the "Game of Life" but with an ancient Greek twist! We love board games in our home and this one was a huge hit. Other projects we look forward to is the making of pottery, helmets, shields, drama masks, and Greek attire!

Our son enjoyed collecting and coloring character cards for his "Scrapbook of Sights" notebook. There is also some major lapbooking going on in these units. This totally worked for us as our son loved the cutting out, gluing and coloring of different items into his lapbook.

I love how hands on the Project Passport history curriculum is. Plus it meets your child where they are at. It can be adapted for different learning styles and ages. Although it is recommended for grades 3-8. I also appreciate how much information is at my disposal and that I can choose what activities and projects we will cover. 

I must note that we are secular homeschoolers and Project Passport is not secular, however, the references to the Bible, and God are minuscule. I was able to omit these references with ease without losing any of the historical integrity of the unit.

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