The Dragon of the Month Club - Book Review


Books about dragons top the list of must reads for our 9 year old son. How exciting for us to discover "The Dragon of the Month Club" by Ian Reading! A book about two friends that discover the magic of dragons and so much more.

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The Dragon of the Month - Book Review

The Dragon of the Month Club centers around two kids, Ayana and Tyler, who have trouble fitting in at their individual schools in their Canadian town. Luckily, after an accidental meeting in a dusty corner of the library, they become the best of friends. They also discover The Book... an ancient manuscript that divulges the secrets to summoning specific dragons each month.

These dragons are adorable and fun. There are all sorts of dragons to summon: water dragon, steam dragon, origami dragon, and even a waterfall dragon to name a few. Plus the more of the element you use while conjuring, such as a glass of water verses a bath tub of water, the larger a water dragon you could summon!

After a dragon summoning goes horribly wrong the two children find themselves sucked into the myriad of books scattered all around Tyler's room. The kids must travel through several literature settings with their dragons trying to find a way back home, including: a pop up forest from a German Folktale book, the vast desert from the classic book, Dune, Chinese Folktalesand the personal favorite for our son, Sherlock Holmes!

This is truly a delightful book filled with adventure and fantastic literature references.  

The Dragon of the Month Club would make a great book for upper elementary to middle school aged children with an affinity for dragons and classic literature.