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Folks, I am so excited to share a fun strategy math game with you: HoliMaths X Multiplication Game

Multiplication. Times Tables. Math. These words can strike fear into the hearts of many parents. How many of us hated memorizing our multiplication facts? How many of us loathed the drills and flash cards? *Raises hands in the air and waves them wildly* Needless to say I wanted to give our own child a different experience with the Times Tables. I wanted his journey through Multiplication and Math in general to be filled with fun, joy, and excitement as well as providing meaningful learning experiences.

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*Disclosure: I received the HOLIPLAY HoliMaths X - a family multiplication strategy game at no cost and was paid for my time to write a review. I was not required to write a positive review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Math Games make Math Fun!

When I saw the opportunity to review the HoliMaths X strategy game I asked our son, Gabriel, if he was interested. I got a resounding, "YES!" Multiplication has been on his radar recently. He's actually been quite excited about it as he finds groupings "fun!" Yes, I said FUN! Math can be fun, Folks, and exciting! You can find out more about our fun approach to math in my posts Eclectic Homeschooling Curriculum and Learning Math With Our Favorite Games & Apps.

* We thought it was super cool to receive a package from the country of Chile. Plus the box was in Spanish. The games are not language dependent so this was not a problem. This did prompt us to look the country up on our world map. Learning opportunities, Folks!*

HoliMaths X  - A Family Multiplication Strategy Card Game

Here is what you get in each HoliMaths X box:

  • 72 Problem Cards: (larger cards) These are your times tables. 1-6 times tables are in the yellow box. 7-12 times tables are in the green box. I LOVE that the times tables are color coded. This is perfect for our visual spatial learner!
  • 72 Solution Cards: (smaller cards) These are your answers to your problem cards. 
  • "Magic Solutions Bag": (also great for traveling with your HoliMaths Game) 
  • 6 Wildcards Problem Cards: (these have smiley faces on them)
  • 6 Wildcards Solution Cards: (these have smiley faces on them)
  • 3 Help Cards: (more colorful and my sons favorite help cards) These cards are extremely helpful for those just learning their times tables.
  • 3 Grid Help Cards
  • 1 Scorecard: (the winner of the game is not necessarily the player who gets rid of all of their cards first. The winner of the game is the player with the most points.
  • 1 HoliPlayer Community Card: (for registering your game so that you are eligible for the HoliPlayer Guarantee and replacement of lost cards)

If your child is anything like mine, then he or she gets bored easily. This can make replayability of games difficult. Not so with HoliMaths X! There are 10 ways to play! Plus you are encouraged to create your own games! 

10 Ways to Play!

  1. Original: problems and solutions uniting against opponents
  2. Stairs: organize the tables in the logical order with problems
  3. Expert: tables organized in the logical order with solutions
  4. Genius: mental arithmetic, multiplication and addition to reaching a target result
  5. Fast: quick result of the problem
  6. FastExpert: equal to Fastpero with solutions
  7. Alert: the fastest say result of problem
  8. AlertExpert: equal to Alertpero with solutions
  9. Focus: memorize the location of the problem and solution
  10. Solitaire: way to play where the challenge is individual

Gabriel and I have had loads of fun with our multiplication thanks to this game. Seriously, it's fun! The Original game play reminds me of the card game Rummy and has been our favorite so far. Though I feel that will begin to change as our son gains confidence and speed with his times tables.

"What a child accurately learns through experience is effective and will be recalled easily to be used in new situations and different contexts."

We found that we liked playing "best two out of three" games. Our son is very competitive so while I usually got rid of all of my cards first....our son almost always bested me in points! He was also very secretive with his cards and didn't want anyone to see them until he played them. Gabriel was hilarious every time he'd put his hand into the "Magic Solutions Bag" to pull out a Solution Card. He always chanted, "Please, please, please...give me a *insert solution card needed here*"

Besides strategizing and adding up all of his points I believe our son's favorite part of the HoliMaths game was the quality time spent with his aunt, uncle, and myself. It's fun for the whole family! This games provides entertainment as well as learning opportunities!

I no longer fear teaching multiplication with our son. He is loving HoliMaths X! The strategic thinking to solve problems keeps his attention and the replayability of the game keeps him from getting bored. Plus, by playing with the whole family he is provided with positive emotional engagement. With games like HoliMaths X I know I can provide fun, joy and excitement for the whole family!

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