Our Week in Review


Another week has come and gone. Anyone else exhausted? I know I sure am. Perhaps I just need more caffeine in the way of coffee! I always start my day with coffee and now that we've entered into a new school year I like to start my day with a bit of encouragement.

I've really been enjoying Brave Writer's Julie Bogart on Facebook. Each morning at 8am she is live with encouragement, empowerment, and inspiration for the homeschool mom. I always walk away feeling excited about our day and week.

Speaking of our week, it has been filled with books, brains, and outings.

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We were super stoked to receive our Horrible Histories box set this week! Our son dove right in to the Savage Stone Age!


The kids wanted to learn more about Bulging Brains this week! We used our Horrible Science books as inspiration. We had so much fun that I did a blog post on it called Fun Brain Activities for Kids! Be sure to check it out for really great ideas and resources for your next brain study.

The children have been LOVING "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." So much so that both of them have been reading it every chance they get...I say both, but our three year old is really just repeating the words I read aloud and moving her finger across the page. Her favorite parts were the lickable wallpaper, the nut cracking squirrels and Wonka vision! Its really adorable! At one point we even had a Gryffindor reading this classic of Roald Dahl's!

When we finished "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" we had a day of both Willy Wonka films! Of course one cannot watch Willy Wonka without munching on some delectable sugar filled treats! I loved hearing our son critique the discrepancies of the movies. That's when I really understand how much he has absorbed from the book. Afterwards we agreed that if you could mesh both the older film with the newer film together (and take out some added bits) you would have the book in movie form.


Our son is truly enjoying Handwriting Without Tears Cursive. Especially when he gets to write with his ball python around his neck! I love their gentle approach to this cursive writing method.

Our daughter has been coloring, painting, and writing letter b's from her Alphabet book. This sweet story about gnomes has quickly become her favorite!

Our son has been learning all about angles and triangles in his Beast Academy book. He now sees triangles everywhere we go!


Our daughter put together a puzzle of the planets in our solar system and then proceeded to tell me all about the rings of Saturn and the storm raging on Jupiter....

We all enjoyed an Alphabet Cookie game together. I like that I can adjust it to fit the needs of both kids. Our littlest is working on letter recognition while our oldest uses this game as a refresher.

Our son FINALLY opened his Tinker Crate box from several months ago. Honestly, after it came in I set it aside and forgot about it. Luckily, our son discovered it and jumped right in. This crate was all about spy's and codes! He made his own lock and only ended up needing Uncle Joe's help on the very last step. Then he and Uncle Joe proceeded to write coded messages back and forth to each other!



We had our weekly nature hike at the State Park with Ranger Marty. We discovered the entrance to a river otter den. We saw the evidence of beavers, squirrels and deer. We learned about the gall on trees and even got to see a native rattlesnake orchid!

Afterwards we went to a new playground that is based on "The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe!" The was a wardrobe around every corner with fur coats hanging inside and a little podium that read an excerpt from the book. There were statues of the characters as well as a delicious stream that ran alongside the playground. This was by far the most wonderfully magical playground I have ever experienced!

Of course we had daily farm chores i.e. snuggles with the farm animals. Our chicks are getting so big now and their poofy head feathers are coming in. Below you can see how they love to just walk all over us!

Finally, I took the kids new shoes. However, I quickly realized that our son is no longer in the kid sizes but has crossed over into adult sizes! I'm Not Ready!!!

As we were walking into Walmart later on that evening we noticed Policemen standing at the door. They were raising money for the "Shop With a Cop" fundraiser that they do for under privileged children for Christmas each year. Gabriel thought this was fantastic and I totally agree with him. He donated money and then asked if he could get a picture with the policeman. As we were walking away he said, "This has got to be the COOLEST day EVER!"

I agree sir, I agree.


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