Our Week in Review


Welcome to another "Week in Review" here at Nourishing My Scholar. I am happy to report that our daughters night terrors have eased up this week and have been replaced with 3am wake ups that involve deep, thought provoking questions like...."what happens to the animals in the desert if all of the cactus were to die?"...true story. Sleep deprivation is not our friend. Coffee, however, has become a constant companion. I have a mug sitting with me now! Do come and have a cup with me and enjoy the antics we experienced this week.

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We had several days of rain here in East Tennessee. Combine rain with my sleep deprived brain fog and you have everyone piled at the kitchen table with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, coloring pencils, and the kids favorite books.

I'm thankful for our Mixing with the Masters course. It kept both kiddos occupied, entertained and learning for several hours. Our son, Gabriel, was thrilled to learn that Leonardo Da'Vinci was possibly dyslexic and wrote in mirror writing. He struggles with reading and writing too. Gabriel tried his hand at charcoal drawings and even drew his first eye in his sketch book! After his recreation of "The Lady" he decided she needed color including rosy cheeks and a star on her forehead! Our daughter also participated and was so very proud of her lady drawing as well.

We were thrilled to get in the Murderous Math books this week as well as the Beast Academy Math books! Our son immediately wanted to read the first chapter in the last book of his murderous series. He then, very seriously, asked me for his very own compass and protractor....how could I say no! He's now looking for angles EVERYWHERE! You can read all about these fun Math books and why we chose them in my post Eclectic Homeschooling Curriculum.

We have been reading Angry Animals, Shocking Electricity, and Bulging Brains from our Horrible Science series. These books are the kind that our son wants to read, thinks are funny, gross, and can't wait to read the next chapter kinda books! Plus they are chock full of fascinating science. I highly recommend them!

We had a lovely day of poetry with Gabriel and I taking turns reading aloud. The Crocodile Toothache was a particular favorite. 

Our son worked on creating a Lego Tower with working catapult. He was very happy with his creation....and the catapult shoots Lego pieces across the room!

Gabriel convinced his Uncle Joe to help him build a shelf above his bed for many of his books. Our son did all the measurements. Uncle Joe took Gabriel to the hardware store and our son paid for the supplies needed from his allowance. Uncle Joe handled the sawing but showed Gabriel how to use the sander. Then, together, they hung the shelf to which our son proudly displays his favorite books. This is a proud Mamma moment, folks!

We had our first "Meet & Greet" with local homeschoolers this week. I know I'm not the only one that crosses their fingers and silently chants, "Please be as weird as me. Please be as weird as me" when meeting new homeschool friends. Luckily, the homeschool group seemed really awesome and the kids had a blast. They were already asking to hang out again before we actually left!

Here on the farm we picked our last watermelon of the season. It's time to till up most everything from the spring and start planting our fall crops. This watermelon weighed 24 pounds! That's almost as much as our daughter!

We got in 12 more baby cows this week! We've already got them eating straight from our hands. They are particularly fond of the goat feed, ha!

We also received 9 new baby chicks this week! Gabriel paid me from his allowance for a chick of his choice to raise. Jade handed me all of the change from her piggy bank so that she could have one of her own too. The kids are helping to take care of the babies daily....food, water, and love. It's hard to get anything else accomplished when there is so much cuteness going on! 

How was your week?


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