Our Week in Review


Welcome to another "Week in Review" here at Nourishing My Scholar. We've had a bit of a challenging week here. Our three year old's night terrors have been leaving us adults exhausted. Our son, too, has been overly excitable and out of sync. We've found that this happens more when our schedules change, but sometimes we can not pin point exactly why these types of weeks happen. So we are working at keeping the schedule that works best for both kids and getting plenty of read aloud and outdoor time. 

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We had a fun day at the park with Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Joe. Our son wanted Uncle Joe to time how fast he could run around the playground. If you were to walk around the playground 4 times then you would have walked 1 mile. Gabriel ran around it once and it took him 3 minutes. He was pleased with his results and strutted off to the monkey bars.

Equal Shmequal
By Virginia Kroll

We love the book Equal Scmequal by Virginia Kroll. When the kids saw the seesaw at the playground they immediately yelled out, "Equal Smequal!" They asked Uncle Joe to be the bear so that they could pretend to be the woodland creatures. They wanted to see how many "Woodland Creatures" it would take to make the seesaw "Equal" weight on each side. Turns out it takes both children, Aunt Stephanie and myself to equal the weight of Uncle Bear....I mean, Uncle Joe!

Our son discovered a new little friend, an American Dagger Moth! Rest assured I researched this little bugger first before I let him pick it up. I was afraid it might sting him, but he was completely harmless. I foresee this little guy making his way into our Nature Journals!

We spent some time at my Stepfather's place playing with his goats and chickens. He and Gabriel also sat on the porch talking about when he use to work on a shrimp boat and all of the interesting creatures he had pulled from the sea. It was quite fascinating!

Our daughter, Jade made friends with a dragonfly near the pond. Both kids always have a grand time exploring and enjoying nature on my Stepfather's land.

We read aloud every day. The kids like to get out their sketch books, crayons, and markers when I read to them. This is how it usually looks...books and markers strewn across the floor.

Gabriel and I added his friend the Southern Ground Hornbill to our nature journal. This is a great way for us to practice writing and drawing techniques!

Our son enjoyed his second week of Coursera classes. He even asked he if he could do his class while in the tub....ummmm, yeah. He nailed all of his quizzes on Ichthyopterygians and their diversity.

He is also LOVING his HORRIBLE SCIENCE books! He has been reading all about Brains, Electricity, and Animals in these fun books. He also finished the Eragon book "Eldest" this week on Audible.

Our daughter is LOVING her new Alphabet book. After we read, then she wants to color or paint Pepper Pot and Pine Cone and whatever adventure they are having.

We stopped by the pet store this week to pick up our biweekly mouse and crickets for Centurian (ball python) and Nightmare Acachnis (Tarantula). Of course when you have a snake lover with you they can't just run in and get what they need. They need to hold the snakes!

We spent several evenings before bath time throwing the Frisbee in the fields. When was the last time you played Frisbee? It had been quite a while for me. I had forgotten how fun it was!

We got two new baby cows. They are weaned and eating grass but still small. We expect to get a dozen more next week. Uncle Joe says that if there is a heifer that we can tame and halter break, then we can keep her!

Our goats Anne and Marilla don't need their leashes or leads anymore. They follow me wherever I go! It's so much fun to run from the barn to the pasture with them at my heals. Jade helps me with feeding them. Although, I accidentally left one of the gates unlocked to their pasture and they ended up on the front porch, HA! They are such wonderful mischievous imps!

Tell me, how was your week?


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