Our Week in Review: Including Leonardo da Vinci, & the Zoo


Welcome to another Week in Review here at Nourishing My Scholar! We had such a fun week with it's ups and down. The down would be that I got stung by a hornet and ended up at Urgent Care for a Steroid Shot...not fun. I also haven't quite decided when our first "back to school" day will be. Granted, we school year round but I still like to have that special first day. I've begun ordering this new homeschool year's books and supplies. We are just waiting for much of it to come in. You can read more about our curriculum choices here at Eclectic Homeschooling Curriculum: Pre-K and 4th Grade.

So without further ado, here is our week in review!

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Leonardo da' Vinci

Our son has been taking an awesome Art course by Alisha Gratehouse called Mixing with the Masters. You can read more about this amazing Art course on my previous blog post Incorporating Art into our Homeschool: Mixing with the Masters. Can I just gush about this art course for a moment? It's so wonderful! I love that we have lifetime access to this course. This means we can go at our own pace and thoroughly enjoy the process! This course is for ages 9 and up...even teens. Not only do you get to learn about some of the most famous artists in the world, but you can go as deeply into their history as you want all while creating works of art. This week we started Leonardo da' Vinci. Our son is enthralled with da' Vinci. He thinks it's amazing that this great artist only completed 6 works of art. The Mona Lisa? He never considered her finished! Leonardo also invented the first armored tank, helicopter, and catapult among many other inventions! So, our son worked on his own version of the Mona Lisa using Gesso and pieces of paper. He found it challenging at first... Placing those little bits of paper just so, but as it started to come together he got so excited he didn't want to stop. His finished work now hangs in a place of honor above his headboard! 

Problem Solving

After learning about Leonardo da' Vinci our son decided he needed to create a shelf for his books by his bed. He worked outside for several hours with a hammer and nails. Unfortunately, he didn't quite have the right kind of wood versus the size nails he was using. Rather than give up he headed inside with his nails and a bit of particle board. I later discovered he had nailed the board directing into his bed creating a shelf that came off the side. He had problem solved to create the shelf for his books! I couldn't even be mad about the nails in his bed!


I read aloud to the children this week from the book "The Cabin Faced West." The kids and I LOVED this book! Especially the part when the little girl had taken her mother's good dishes without asking to have a tea party in the woods. She was having a hard time adjusting to life in the West without any other little girls to play with. But the mother discovers the woodland tea party. The kids and I just knew that the little girl was about to get into so much trouble when she was discovered. But, by a wonderful twist the mother walks up and seeing the beauty of the woodland tea party and understanding the hardships their family had faced, realized that this tea party was NEEDED. She joins the party and they play pretend for the rest of the evening! It was one of those moments in a book when your heart swells with happiness and you hope that if you, as a mother, are faced with a similar circumstance that you will choose the woodland tea party.

The Cabin Faced West
By Jean Fritz

Our son read a book on Dragons, Sharks, and started a book on Hares. I read The Sleeping Beauty to our daughter at her nap times. Our son also started and finished two new Audible books!

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Audible for Android
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Ancient Marine Reptiles

Our son started his Ancient Marine Reptiles class through Coursera and the University of Alberta this week. He had loads of fun learning about the adaptations of aquatic Tetrapods and the aquatic problems of viscous drag and inertial drag. He crushed his quizzes and even painted his face to look like a reptile....which of course meant that a certain little sister had to paint her face too! Our silly little reptiles!


We enjoyed the playground all to ourselves as the local public schools all started back this week. It was nice to just hang around and explore at our leisure.

Farm and Garden

Our garden has been producing tomatoes like crazy. Which means we have been canning salsa like mad! Uncle Joe even offered to pay Gabriel $5 per basket of tomatoes he picked. Not a bad deal if you ask me. We also discovered our pumpkins are starting to turn color. Yay, for pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

Our daughter helps me every morning to bring the goats from the barn to their little pasture. It is the most darling thing to watch her with the miniature goat Marilla. Cuteness Overload!


Our son has had several allergist appointments and even started a new allergy regime. We are hoping it will help. Afterwards we treated the kids to a day at the zoo! Our daughter and Mr. Giraffe had a long conversation about how long his legs and neck were and then proceeded to talk about her cherry flavored slushy and her new pink shoes! Our son didn't believe me when I told him there was a giraffe behind him. He thought I was trying to pull his leg. Best photo bomb EVER!


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