Inspiring Creativity with a 3D Drawing Pen


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Our son has had the best time being creative this week! I mean, this has been top notch fun. We are talking Lego's and K'nex kind of excitement and creativity over here! If you've been here before then you know how much we love building and inspiring our creativity.

What could I possibly be talking about? I'm talking about the I DO 3D VERTICAL PEN!

Inspiring Creativity with a 3D Drawing Pen

*Disclosure: I received the I DO 3D Vertical Pen at no cost and was paid for my time to write a review. I was not required to write a positive review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Our son was so excited to get his hands on the I DO 3D VERTICAL PEN. Why? Because the I DO 3D VERTICAL PEN allows you to draw 3 dimensional objects in mid air and you are only limited by your imagination! Here is what's included:

  • (4) 3D Drawing Pens in pink, white, yellow, & blue
  • (1) Guide Map
  • (1) Pen Light
  • (1) Plastic Sheet
  • (2) 3D Building Accessories
  • (3) LR44 Batteries: already installed into your pen light so you can start creating as soon as you open the box!

Our first creations were a couple of Flower Rings. This allowed our son to get the feel of the pens and the flow of inks without wasting ink on a large project before he was ready. He followed the Guide Map to make the ring size and flower. 

Our son then moved on to a more intricate Butterfly Ring. It was so neat to watch the Pen Light cure and harden the ink.

TIP: If your 3D Pen gets clogged, don't worry. A wipe of rubbing alcohol takes the clog right off!

Your Creativity Is Only Limited By Your Imagination With A 3D Pen!

Once our son had completed the flower and butterfly rings he felt ready to tackle a couple of tougher masterpieces! He created what he called an, "Alien Bug!" You gotta love this boys imagination! I know I was quite impressed with the complexities he achieved in both the bug's body and wings.

Be Inspired

The Windmill was our son's biggest masterpiece and it took several days to accomplish. We learned that larger pieces like this dried more quickly out in the sun. We also learned that perfectionism has no place with a 3D pen. If you have a perfectionist (like we do) then know that everything doesn't turn out exactly as you imagined it in your head, but beautiful art is created nonetheless. It was actually a really great learning opportunity for him, because as you can see his Windmill turned out pretty awesome!

I foresee many more 3D Pen masterpieces in our future.

Benefits Of Using A 3D Drawing Pen in Your Homeschool

  • Hands on Learning! The I Do 3D Vertical Pen inspires a level of creativity that I haven't seen with other STEM/STEAM toys. Learning about animal cells? Why not create your own 3D animal cell? Learning about bugs? Why not create your own 3D bugs? Hands on learning is the best form of learning in our home!
  • Art! We are always looking for ways to incorporate art into our days. Normally, we are big fans of acrylic and oil paints. Now, we must add 3D Pens to our list of favorite art mediums. Our son loves to have me read aloud while he creates something from the story. He loves using the I DO 3D Vertical Pens to unleash his creativity. *As with other art mediums, the I DO 3D Vertical Pens take patience and practice to fine tune ones skills. There are art courses available at
  • Ease of Use/Clean Up! As Homeschool Moms we need products that are easy to use and the less messes to clean up the better. We found the I Do 3D Vertical Pens super easy to use right out of the box. The messes they did make were cleaned up easily with a wipe of rubbing alcohol.

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