4 Reasons We Got Goats


We bought Nigerian Dwarf goats!

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Well here we are, we've been on the farm for three months now and guess what? This week, we bought goats! You see, a few months back we met a man named Harold. He's the goat guy around these parts and he comes highly recommended because of his love and passion for goats. He raises Nigerian Dwarf goats which is exactly the breed of goats we were wanting to raise! After meeting Harold he agreed to sell us two doelings. Did you know that female goats are called does and baby females are called doelings? Once they were weened from their mothers we went to pick up our little doelings. So, I would like to introduce you to the newest members of our family and farm....Anne (with an "e") and Marilla our 4 month old Dwarf Nigerian goats!

Anne is much more vocal and already we can tell she'll be the one into all sorts of mischief. She "talks" so much! We even watched while she was napping and she "talked" in her sleep and woke herself up! She also has more red in her coat than Marilla....remind you of anyone?

Marilla is calmer and more docile but she is quick to head butt Anne. She seems to be the dominant one out of the two. She has a lighter coat...more like cream with swirls of coffee. She is a real sweetie!

Why did we get goats?

  1. Milking: We want to be able to milk our goats. We have bought fresh milk from local farmers for years. Even when we lived in Atlanta I would drive an hour out of town for quality milk. It would be lovely to have our own fresh milk to make butter, cheese and yogurt. Of course we are still looking at a few years before this comes to fruition, but hey! We are now closer than we were!
  2. Companionship/Pets: We live on a small farm. We already have 4 cats, 2 dogs, 1 snake, 1 tarantula, 20 chickens, and 8 cows. It just seems logical (to my sister and I anyway) that goats should be a part of the mix. The children were totally on board with having baby goats to play with too.
  3. Learning Opportunities: We are homeschoolers, so we use every opportunity as a learning opportunity. Goats have their own set of unique needs that are different than the other farmyard animals. We are actually excited to learn how best to meet these needs.
  4. Because...GOATS: I mean really! Goats are awesome! They are adorable, smart, funny and wonderful animals! We had goats as children and now hope to give our own children the fun experience of goats. What other reasons do we need?

There you have it! We've got goats! I can't wait to share with you, all of the adventures that will inevitably follow with these two little blue-eyed beauties.

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