Our Week in Review: Including Outside Exploration, Reading & Snakes


What do you do when you have gloriously beautiful days filled with sunshine and the songs of birds? You spend as much of your time out of doors as possible!

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The cow pastures were a go to spot for us this week as they are quite lovely and Papa had some work to do with the chainsaw. He cut a few cherry trees down while I knitted and the children explored.

While Papa worked we also made flower fairy crowns, picked thistle flowers, learned about the wild turkeys and discovered an old coyote jaw bone!

The children climbed trees to their hearts content this week. Well, our son climbed trees. Our daughter isn't quite big enough or strong enough to achieve the same heights as big brother. She was content on her logs though.

Papa cut some pieces of wood for us to bring back home and use as building blocks and manipulative's. The children brought out a bag of shells Uncle Joe had in storage and laid them on the newly cut pieces of wood and began exploring them. We talked about textures, shapes, and colors. We also discussed the creatures that lived in these shells and the predators that would have been able to penetrate their defenses.

We harvested onions this week and honey from our honeybees. You can read about the honey harvest HERE!

We read books under our maple trees this week. They provided a lovely cooling shade for us and the sounds of nature just added an extra element to our story telling.

Our son began a new Audible book called The Mysterious Benedict Society one morning when I woke up with a migraine. I just couldn't read aloud that morning to the children. I had hoped we could finish Roald Dahl's BFG, but I couldn't manage. Audible to the rescue. The children listened to the new book all morning long while I recuperated. This is just another reason why I love audio books! We did manage quite a list of books the rest of the week though: The Courage of Sarah Noble, Revolutionary War on Wednesday, Tonight on the Titanic, Life of the Ladybug, The Bravest Knight, The Fisherman and His Wife, The Mysterious Tadpole, Osbert and Lucy, Little Tad Grows Up, and The Boll Weevil Ball.


My daughter and I read several books together at nap time including: Aesop's Fables, Room for Bear, Kitten's Summer, Sneaky Sheep, and Flower Girl.


Our son's birthday is next week. Have I mentioned that he's been saving up to buy a snake? No? Well.... it's happening. Uncle Joe's cousin raises ball pythons and he and our son have bonded over their love of scaly reptiles. He even brought one of his beloved pets over for our son to meet. It was love at first sight. My husband is totally fine with snakes and will even handle them. I on the other hand am trying my best to be OK... I mean, I AM OK with the whole thing. I just get creeped out with the head of the snake, because lets face it, that's where the teeth are! Of course there is the whole slithering thing that kinda gives me the heebie jeebies, but really, I'm fine....I'm OK....I'm fine.... really.


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