Our First Week on the Farm


Hello everyone! As many of you know, two weeks ago my husband and I made the spontaneous decision to move our family away from the city and away from Georgia. We made what we felt was the best decision for our family and thus moved to my sisters farm in Tennessee! This is my first blog post since the move and well...it's been an adjustment. But, it's an adjustment that feels completely and totally right for us. So here's a bit of a recap on all the highlights of this week.

Baby Cows. That's right, baby cows! They are convinced that the grass on our side of the fence is better than the grass in the pasture and therefore have no problems with eating out of our hands. I must say, it's totally awesome.

The farm dog has really taken a liking to the children. Most days you can find them out back digging holes together or playing tag together. It's quite cute.

Farming! Uncle Joe is teaching us all he knows about growing things. This week he and the children planted radishes, sweet peas, parsnips and cabbages! Next week it will be carrots, corn, celery, and green beans! Yay, for fresh vegetables and for hands on experiences!

We are loving the gravel road out front that leads to the main road. The kids have been riding their bikes in the evenings with the neighbors children. It has been great for the children to have playmates right from the beginning. I think it helps with the move and leaving friends behind to have friends here as well. I plan on taking the children on loads of explorations around the countryside and nearby mountains. Hopefully we will find some nearby homeschoolers too.

Finally, Baby Chicks! That's right, Uncle Joe has baby chicks and the children get to help raise them! We are already thinking about names for them all. Now, if I can just convince Uncle Joe that baby goats are a necessity for farm life.......I'm kidding...sort of....

As with any change, things take some getting use to and the growing pains can be...well, painful. It was hard saying goodbye to our friends and family in Georgia. It was hard leaving our community behind. Yet, I know in my heart that wonderful moments and memories are waiting to be made here on the farm. The country has just as much to offer as the city though the offerenings look different. We have so much to be thankful for and I am excited about this new chapter in our family's life. 

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