Hardin Park


Last weekend we took a break from farm life and enjoyed a day at Hardin Park. This is a really lovely park that boasts a duck pond, stream, playground and pool facility. The children were excited to see the large, red train car! They had the best time climbing all over it and pretending they were conductors. I just love their pretend play!

We met a mommy and daddy duck by the stream. Our daughter had all sorts of questions for them: where were their babies, did they have a nest, what did they eat, ect. A great learning opportunity for sure.

The jungle gym was fun to climb on and our daughter wouldn't give up until she reached the top like her brother. 

It's funny how little sisters want to be just like their older brothers and do everything that brother does....she still didn't manage the bravery needed to go backwards down the slide, ha!

But the swings were by far the most fun for them both. They swung high, they swung low, and they spun and twisted about. The look of pure joy on their faces was contagious! 


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