Celebrating Earth Day in the Rain


April 22nd is celebrated around the world as Earth Day. Many people plant trees, help clean up trash or even recycle. We found our Earth Day to be a soggy wet day....but, that is part of living on this Earth...the weather! So, we donned our rain boots, raincoats and umbrellas and headed out into the rain to a nearby creek.

What better way to appreciate the Earth than being out in it? It's a great big world out there and we want our children to be good stewards of it. We looked for litter but only managed to find a single bottle. Our son stepped into the creek and retrieved it.

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Our daughter found the puddles along the creek to be much more exciting than the creek itself. She happily splashed about while her brother ran ahead.

After a bit the rain began to come down harder and we noticed the creek began to swell. It started to run over it's banks and at that point I felt it was best for us to leave and head back home. But not before our daughter discovered a fantastic treasure...a feather! 

We had a grand time at the creek in the rain, but by days end we all welcomed warm baths, hot cider, and sleepy snuggles as I read aloud from our favorite poetry books.


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