Our Week in Review: Including Farm Life, The Old Oak Festival & Our New Library


Welcome to our Week in Review! This is our second week in our new home....my sisters farm in Tennessee. I believe we are all adapting well. Tennessee is lovely but the culture of the country is a bit different from that of the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. One of the biggest shocks for me was when we visited the small town library. Can I just say...Oh My Goodness! It was so small. Even our son commented on how tiny it was when we walked through it. There were also rules that just floored me. One in particular was that if there were only three books on horses, then you were only allowed to check out one....you were also only allowed to check out ten books per card.... Ummmm, nope. I must admit that I panicked a little. Didn't they know that we check out fifty books at a time and that twenty of those books are all on the same subject? Of course they don't know that! How could they? I still panicked! I posted on Facebook about our dilemma and was given great advice from our followers. We ended up driving forty minutes to the nearest big "city" to check out their library system. 

We were not disappointed! Johnson City boasted a huge two story library. Our son was so excited about the encyclopedias. When we met the Children's librarian and told her we were new in the area, the first thing she asked our son was, "Are you in public school or homeschooled?" In that moment I felt like the heavens opened and the Angels began to sing! Seriously, It was a wonderful moment! Apparently, there is a HUGE homeschool crowd in the area and whenever the library has events for children, half of the the children that attend are homeschooled. Pretty cool, right? The good news is, we now have library cards!

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The children and I are learning all about planting and harvesting here on the farm. Our son has farm chores that include planting, weeding, feeding the chickens, and checking the honey bees daily for swarms. We picked kale one evening for our dinner. I say we, but our daughter was more concerned with picking flowers than picking greens. Spring is definitely here and there are blooms everywhere!

We are trying to find a new rhythm that encompasses farm life. Baking and cooking have made their way back into our weekly rhythm. The children attempted pretzels...but the house was too cold and the dough didn't rise. Next time we'll be sure to remedy that. The children also made everyone French Toast one morning. I must say, it was delicious!!!

We finally found a box with some of our favorite books in it so have have been able to read daily. This week our son and I have been reading Dragonbreath: Curse of the Were-Wiener. This is one of my son's favorite series and he likes to read them over and over. He and I even built a blanket fort to read under together! Our Momma Kitty has taken up her old role of reading buddy for our son. She laid at the entrance of the blanket fort and listened to him read out loud. 

Either the math game Prodigy or Khan Academy have been requested daily by our son too.

Our son is converting an old chicken coop into a club house. He put the new floor in this week. He needs a space for his Lego's and a space to call his own away from little sister. We all thought this was a great idea. We shall see how it turns out.

We have all helped with planting vegetables this week. Uncle Joe taught our son how to use the garden tiller. We planted Parsnips, Radishes, Carrots, Pole Beans, and Corn. We even saw Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny browsing in the garden in the early morning hours! Our daughter thought that was the most exciting thing, EVER!

The children LOVE feeding the cows. The farm has three different fields with cows ranging from babies up to adults. It's really fabulous to watch the kids bonding with all of the farm animals. To capture that moment when two kindred spirits meet is a magical thing.

We ended our week at The Old Oak Festival at Tusculum College. We enjoyed funnel cakes, brownies, and ice cream. The children got their faces painted as that of a blue dragon and a unicorn. We got to meet local vendors and purchased some of their handmade goods while the sounds of blue grass music filled the air. We had a grand time. I can't wait to see what next week has in store for us!


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