Our Week in Review


Welcome to another week in the life of unschoolers, where we give you a glimpse into the adventures we had during the week. This also lets you see how we approach learning in our home which is eclectic/unschooling and child-led. 

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If you've been here before then you know how much we love books! If you're new here, then you're about to find out! We visit the library weekly for inspiration and to let our children choose any books that spark their interests. This week our kids chose an eclectic mix of grammar, classics and Greek myths!

Reading the Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth gave rise to building models of the earth's layers out of play-doh. We watched an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy on Netflix which led to Gabriel wanting to learn how to boil an egg so that he could compare the inside of the egg with the layers of the earth. He also learned about the boiling point of water.


We are still reading Swiss Family Robinson, Greek Myths by Ann Turnbull, and D'aulaires Book of Greek Myths. Our son is still going strong with his love of Greek tragedies. He has even built a couple of Greek temples in Minecraft!


Our son also started and finished listening to the second book in the Wings of Fire series on Audible. He LOVES this series and highly recommends it for anyone with a fascination with dragons.


Our son requested Rosetta Stone Spanish daily and his new favorite TV series is "How it's Made" on the Science Channel. He is fascinated with how everything works!


We talked about Polymers this week and made homemade slime out of water, Elmer's glue, and borax. Throw in some googly eyes and you've got slime monsters!

Our daughter received her Koala Crate this week and had fun learning about traffic signs. They even sent her a wooden dump truck!

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Then her brother took traffic to the next level and engineered a ramp for racing cars built out of Lego's. His third car design was the best and went the farthest.

One morning I set up the Crayola Air Dry Clay and the National Geographic Animals Encyclopedia for inspiration. Our son created his own Sea Turtle while our daughter made a "cupcake!"

Our daughter spent one morning playing with her Melissa and Doug Stamp Set.

Another morning she was busy with her Lacing Cards.

She even made her own necklace out of circle puffs and yarn.

The kids discovered that washing dishes was fun! You know all that water and bubbles makes for a good time....masks are optional.

We painted spring bird houses this week too!

Gabriel practiced his guitar chords. He's hoping to play a love song for one of his friends...

There was also daily Minecraft, Prodigy Game, and Math Slicer games. 

Jade built sand castles and made pies out of kinetic sand.

Our son practiced his cursive writing daily with his quill and ink. 

We had a group puzzle challenge in which Gabriel's friends came over to help him with a new Dinosaur Puzzle. After they left he finished it and was so happy he started on a larger 1,000 piece Dragon Puzzle! Jade finished her Melissa and Doug: Under the Sea Puzzle in less than 5 minutes. I think she's ready for more pieces...


Of course we went outside daily rain or shine. We met a giant Earth Worm after a big rain. He was amazing and the children watched him travel along the curb for over 15 minutes. Mostly, though, we hung out and enjoyed each others company and the company of our friends.


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