Our Day at Zoo Atlanta


Last week my sister and brother in law came down from their farm in Tennessee to visit us here in Georgia. We decided to spend our day at Zoo Atlanta. We adore this zoo for all of it's wonderful animals and for all of the educational opportunities they provide.

We purchased a family membership so that we will be able to go to Zoo Atlanta as often as we want for an entire year! Our son is also interested in the volunteer opportunities there and now that he is 8 years old it is something that is possible. The first stop as you enter the zoo gates are the Flamingos! The kids even got to feed them! These birds were our daughters favorite because...well...PINK!

Watching the handlers feed the Elephants was an awesome treat. You just don't realize how BIG these majestic creatures are until you see them up close!

We entered the Parakeet House but it was still cool out and most of the birds were still in their roosts. Normally the entire enclosure is filled with these lovely birds and they will fly right up to you!

We got to see the business ends of the Lion Pride...which all of the adults found humorous. Our daughter was more concerned about where baby Simba was...ummm...different lion pride darling.

The Meerkats and the Rhinoceros were fun to watch.

We even got to handle a REAL Rhinoceros horn! The volunteer told us all about how they train all of the animals at Zoo Atlanta with Positive Reinforcement so that they are able to do physical examinations and procedures on the animals with little to no stress on the animals. We thought that was supper cool!

Half way through our visit someone got tired and had to have Uncle Joe carry her through to the next exhibit. We watched the Giraffes and Zebras munch on their breakfast and our daughter had the best seat in the "house."

After a lovely picnic lunch, we headed to the reptile house. This is our sons favorite part of the zoo. He is an aspiring Herpetologist...among other things. The kids loved how up close and personal they were with the reptiles.


Our last stop at Zoo Atlanta was the Gorilla enclosure. We got a great view of one of their massive Silverback Gorillas. He was very majestic until he started picking his nose.... Our daughter yelled out, "Oh, that's disgusting!"

We so enjoyed our day at Zoo Atlanta with my sister and brother in law. If you are ever in the Atlanta area I highly recommend you make time for a visit. It's a truly lovely place.

P.S.  I find it funny that our daughter fussed at the Gorilla for picking his nose. For when we reached the iconic statue of Zoo Atlanta's most famous gorilla, Willie B. the first thing she did was stick her fingers up the statues nose!!!! Oh, to be a three year old! 

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