An Afternoon at Garrard Landing Park


Earlier this week the hubby and I took the children to nearby Garrard Landing Park. This park has a sweet little playground and a nice gravel trail that takes you along the Chattahoochee River. It was a lovely and cool overcast day. Our daughter, Jade, wouldn't hear of wearing the matching outfit I had picked out for her. She has been dressing herself now for since she was 2 years old and has a very strong opinion about blue butterfly shirt and Minnie Mouse pants it was!

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When we got to the park Jade headed straight for the swings. She is at that age where she just wants to swing higher and higher! Our son, Gabriel, headed straight for the BIG slides.

After watching big brother for several minutes climb up the big slides and squeal with excitement as he slid back down, Jade decided she was ready for the big slides too. With Papa's help she made her way up, up, up....I must admit, I was a wee bit nervous. The shock on her face after she slid down was priceless. She was so proud and excited. Then there was no stopping her. She needed no help...she's a BIG girl, you know.

Eventually, Gabriel tired of the slides. I found him perched atop a large rock. He said he was, "just contemplating the day..." That boy!

I asked the kids if they were ready to walk the trail. They then raced each other across the field to a small out cropping of rocks. It was nice to snap a picture of my 3 favorite people all together.

We made it to the river and watched a group of geese along the opposite bank. We even noticed raccoon prints in the sand!

As we left the river behind us we entered a field with tall grasses. Gabriel said he felt like he was in "The Hobbit" and could imagine how Bilbo Baggins felt walking through the Shire. He also said, "that outcropping of trees in the distance could be Mirkwood Forest! What an adventure we could have here!" Well...sure!

We came to a little stream and covered bridge. The children declared this would be the perfect spot to live if we ever wanted to.... live outside....

After crossing the bridge the children immediately set out to find the "perfect" rock to add to their collections. Jade of course gave me a handful of little rocks to carry for her. Gabriel settled on a nice big river rock that was indeed "perfect."

I adore these little jaunts with the children. Looking back at these pictures I'm reminded of how quickly they grow up. One day you look up and they can suddenly tackle the BIG slides on their own. That is a bitter sweet feeling. So, for now I will happily tuck those little rocks away and carry them home. Because one day I'll look up and he'll no longer see adventure in an old field... and she will be able to carry her own treasures.

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