Our Morning Walk Along the River


Today was a cold over cast day. The weatherman was calling for rain all afternoon and we haven't been getting our nature fix lately. I make sure we get outside but a nice walk in the woods has been few and far between since the new year began. Life just seems to happen, but now that we have a second vehicle, I plan on making making nature our norm again. I decided we needed to get out while we had the chance and what better place to get out and explore than the river?

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First off, we had the trail to ourselves. Our son, Gabriel discovered two sets of deer tracks and our daughter, Jade, found a raccoon print! They both hypothesized how fresh the tracks were and what sort of lives these animals live.

We discovered some lovely shapes and patterns along the walk too. An open clam shell in the sand resembled a white butterfly. There were several fungus's growing on fallen branches and even a few early spring blooms. An old tree stump had the most peculiar shape...somewhat star like.

Jade tried her best to keep up with her big brother, but he was in his element. He raced ahead in his excitement and I helped Jade along over some of the bigger obstacles. I realized just how big she is getting when she managed over a fallen tree on her own. She doesn't need my help as much as I'd like. 

I was so glad Gabriel brought his binoculars on the walk. He got to see a red cardinal, a wren, and geese on the river. He was also thrilled to find several pieces of drift wood that had been bleached by the sun. He thought the largest one looked like a Gandalf staff! I must say, it felt so good to be back in the quiet beauty of the natural world. I feel rejuvenated and the kids are full to bursting with new thoughts and ideas that only nature can provide.

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