Swirl Paint Christmas Ornaments


Swirl Paint Ornaments, also known as pour paint ornaments, are a fun and easy activity for children during the holidays. We have been wanting to make these awesome ornaments for years, but never seemed to make the time during this chaotic and hectic season. This year, was to be different. This year we created beautiful swirl paint Christmas ornaments, and had a fabulous time in the process.

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The swirl paint Christmas Ornaments are super easy to make and you need very few items to achieve both the desired result and a lovely new Christmas tradition with your kids! So here is what you need...

  1. Clear glass or plastic ornaments with removable tops (we used plastic because we have a four year old, but glass would be lovely for older children.)
  2. Acrylic paint in an assortment of colors
  3. Ribbon or Tulle for hanging your ornaments (we used the rolls of tulle that comes in short strips.)
  4. Egg carton or other container for setting your ornaments in as they dry (we used an egg carton.)

Once we gathered all of our necessary supplies, the children set to work creating beautiful mixtures of color. We started out only mixing 2-3 colors (a few squirts per color) at first. The kids got the hang of swirling and shaking their ornaments back and forth very quickly. They soon wanted 5-6 colors and claimed they were creating planets in far off galaxies. I love the imaginations of children, don't you?

Once our ornaments (inside) were completely covered with paint, we set them in the egg carton to dry. This took 24-48 hours depending on the size of the ornament and the amount of paint that was used. After they were dry we put the tops back on. We cut strips of tulle in assorted colors and tied them into a loops onto each ornament. Finally they were ready to hang and giveaway as gifts to our loved ones!

These swirl Christmas ornaments were so fun and easy to make, that we all agreed to make this a new family Christmas tradition. Give it a try and let me know what you think!