Explore the 5 Senses with the Know Yourself Adventure Series


I am so excited to share an awesome subscription box that I recently discovered! Do your children love hands on learning that's fun? I know ours sure do. Do your kids love science, technology, engineering, and math aka STEM? What about comic books? Our son thrives on STEM based learning and being a reluctant reader, comic books have been a big hit with him too! How about all of these things I mentioned with a bit of history and geography thrown in? Yes? Then allow me to introduce to you the Know Yourself Adventure Series!

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*Disclosure: I received the Know Yourself Adventure Series: The 5 Senses at no cost in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Folks, our son and I were so excited when we received the Know Yourself Adventure Series: #1 The 5 Senses. I had heard great things about this subscription box and let me tell you, this box was chocked full of goodies!

So What comes in the Subscription Box?

  • A limited edition Time Skaters Comic Book (our son LOVED this comic! Well done Know Yourself Adventure Series)
  • Your Trusty Adventure Guide
  • 5 Self Literacy Experiments: one for each of your five senses
  • Spice Packets, to test your sense of smell
  • Stickers, because everyone loves stickers
  • A fold out Adventure Map
  • Super stretchy Wonder Putty
  • Egg Shaker, music maker
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Invisible Ink Pens with built in UV light, for secret messages
  • Special Know Yourself Notebook
  • 6 Adventure Vials - for science
  • Authentic Greek Recipes

"Each delivery uses time travel, historical figures, epic stories, and hands-on experiments to explain a different system of the body or explore a mystery of the mind."

The comic book: Time Skaters - the Fangs of Philosophy introduced us to Aristotle and a young Alexander the Great. Our son devoured this comic and thrilled over the excitement of time travel and hungry lions! There were some skater references that he didn't understand. So, we looked them up. Yay, for new vocabulary! Afterwards, we jumped right into our 5 Science Experiments.

Smell! Getting Scent-imental!

Did you know that your brain holds different memories for different smells? It's true! We learned how the Olfactory works in conjunction with cilia to trigger neurons and cause your brain to realize that you've smelled something. The smell test was a fun experiment where we filled our clear vials with different spices. We then blindfolded each other and took turns smelling the spices and trying to decipher which were which.

"Travel to ancient Greece, meet the great philosopher Aristotle, and discover how your very own super powers - Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste, and Hearing -help you understand the natural world!" 

Sight! Here's Looking at You!

We learned about visible and invisible light. Ultra-violet light is outside of the rainbow spectrum that our eyes can see. But some substances like phosphors glow and become visible under UV light. Thus, our son began writing "secret" messages to everyone in the family with his invisible ink pens. Luckily the box comes with two pens, so other children...or mom can have a go too!

"Our products teach kids about their own anatomy, physiology, and psychology, because kids who have a grounding knowledge of themselves are better at school, sports, friendships -- everything!"

We also learned about the anatomy of the eyes and how it works: retinas, iris, corneas, pupils, and lens. We also learned how your brain views images and flips them. We did an experiment with a glass of water and watched how lines appeared to bend before our very eyes! 

"Knowing yourself makes you better at everything."

Taste! Are You a Super Taster?

Did you know that an average person has 15-35 taste buds on their tongue? We did an experiment with blue food coloring to see how many taste buds our son has. Turns out he's a Super Taster! Makes sense since he has such strong likes and dislikes when it comes to food. We also learned about the different parts of the tongue! How cool is that?

"The award-winning Know Yourself Adventure Series is a monthly journey of self-discovery that is as much fun for mom and dad as it will be for your child."

Hearing and Touch

We tried to make music with our blue egg shaker percussion instrument, then we tried to shake it to the beat of our hearts. It's harder than it sounds! We learned about the parts of the ear and the fluid that's needed to send signals along a special nerve all the way to your brain. 

Finally, we explored Touch. Did you know that your skin is your largest and most sensitive organ? We learned about the different layers of your skin and how they work. Did you know that you have more sensory receptors in the tip of your finger than you do on your thumb? We used our super stretchy Wonder Putty to explore different textures around us. 

Why I LOVE the Know Yourself Adventure Series

  1. This Subscription box is Fun and full of hands on learning for kids and parents alike!
  2. Our son LOVED this kit and that's saying something as he can be a very picky 9 year old. 
  3. The Know Yourself monthly kit is chocked full of scientific information! A big plus for science loving kids.
  4. I loved the added history and geography component with Aristotle and Alexander the Great in Greece! This really opens the door for more in-depth studies.
  5. I loved the way this subscription box was broken down. It allows you to go at a slower pace if need be with one of the 5 senses per day or week...or if your kid is uber excited (like ours) you can do the whole box in a single day! So it's flexible!
  6. The Time Skaters Comic book is a really cool added feature that I feel adds a fun reading component to the learning experience.
  7. This is a great learning opportunity for kids that may not do well with worksheets or textbooks.
  8. Because Know Yourself is a monthly kit, it takes all of the guess work out of assembling a unit study. Everything is provided in the box! You don't need to go out and purchase anything!
  9. Did you know that the Know Yourself Adventure Series has won several educational and parenting awards? Did you know that it has partnered with the Girl Scouts, the YMCA, and many other organizations? What's not to like about that?

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