Our Day at the Knoxville Zoo


The weekend of our daughter's birthday, the Knoxville Zoo had their Dollar Days. This is where you can get $1 tickets to the zoo so long as you bring non-perishable food donations for each ticket purchased. I bought six tickets and we invited Uncle Joe and Aunt Stephanie to come along with us. The children were so excited to visit all of the animals. They could barely contain their excitement all week leading up to our day at the Knoxville Zoo!

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We haven't been to the Knoxville Zoo before, so we were all full of anticipation. It was a bit chilly that day so I made sure we wore layers. Our daughter, Jade was so thrilled that she even wore he clip-on "earrings" that she had gotten as a present for her birthday.

The reptile exhibit was by far our son, Gabriel's, favorite. He wants to be a Herpetologist one day, among other things. He read Every. Single. Information. Plaque. Aloud. This boy LOVES reptiles!

Some of the reptiles were not out due to the cold...like the tortoises. But we got a good idea of what they looked like thanks to the life size statues! I was pleasantly surprised to see a few blooming plants in the cold!

There is a delightful Carousel in the zoo and it was a HUGE hit with the children. Jade rode multiple times. I hadn't ridden a carousel since I was a child and I had forgotten how much fun they were. Seriously, if you get the chance....ride a carousel with your children. It's loads of fun!

Our daughter's little legs tired quickly, but fortunately we had Papa and Uncle Joe to carry her around and to lift her high for better views of the animals.

The Rhinoceros was really epic until the wind shifted and we suddenly found ourselves upwind...Bleh. Luckily, we didn't have far to go to find some fresh air. 

The children loved the Knoxville Zoo and even took home a souvenir in the shape of flattened pennies that have the image of an animal pressed onto them. Our birthday girl declared the day a total success! Our son wants to go back and visit the reptiles soon. It was great spending time together as a family exploring this lovely zoo. I highly recommend checking to see if your local zoo has Dollar days too! It was a fantastic way to give back to the community while getting a wonderful day at the zoo.