Birthday Celebrations For A Princess


Another year has come and gone. Our little girl is turning FOUR! Wow, how the time flies. This week as her birthday approached, I have really tried to slow down and savor the moments with her. There is a quote from Peter Pan that says, "Little boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake up a day older..." Well, in this case it's our little girl and she's getting older everyday.

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Last year our daughter requested A Very Frozen Birthday party. This year she asked for a Princess party. Now, let me be honest...I loathe PINK. I don't really care for "Princess" paraphernalia either. When I was pregnant with this little bundle I swore that no pink would enter our house. I went so far as to decorate her nursery in lime green! I was serious. It's been said that I have brought all of this Princess...Sugary Sweet...Pink on myself. Never say never, they said! Well, here we are FOUR years later and our daughter's bedroom looks like it's been hosed down with Pepto-Bismol! This little girl of ours LOVES pink and princesses. What's a mama to do?  If you can't beat'em, join'em!

Why yes, that is a multi layered pink princess cake complete with a tiara! A very talented family member made it when she learned that Jade wanted a princess cake. There was also a plate full of pink butterflies and bow sugar cookies!

Our daughter wanted everyone dressed in princess capes, tutu's, and tiaras for her party. Except the boys...they were to be KNIGHTS! My sister made a swath of tutu's and capes for everyone according to Jades specifications. She's so crafty! We picked up some tiara's and Mardi Gras beads for everyone to wear too. We even found some blow-up Lightsabers for the Knights to use in "battle!" We all looked FABULOUS!!!!

When your daughter wants a princess party, naturally you need a dragon pinata...except we couldn't find a dragon pinata. Meet our T-Rex pinata that went through a species transformation to become Marcus the Dragon (the children came up with the name). Papa cut out pink butterfly wings, and taped them on. He added tissue paper for pink fire breath, and then our daughter stuck a pink tiara on his head for good measure....

Marcus was a hit! Everyone loved him! He was by far the hippest "Dragon" around. That is until a "Knight" slayed all of his dragon treasure to the princesses of the land (i.e. with a mighty blow the pinata was busted open and the candy rained down upon the children) Poor Marcus.

Then there were the presents. Oh my, all of the girly, princessy (is that a word?) presents! At least there were a few LEGO's in the mix of jewelry and makeup.

Everyone commented that Jade knew how to throw a fantastic party. I mean come on, tiaras, light-sabers, capes, and a dragon? It was pretty awesome and best of all...our little girl had a birthday that she is still talking about...a birthday she is sure to remember. It was a birthday celebration fit for a princess!