Halloween Poetry Teatime Picnic


A Halloween Poetry Teatime Picnic! Doesn't it just sound lovely! I admit at first it seemed like it might be a bit overwhelming, but I decided to make it as simple as possible. We already had the Halloween costumes, the poetry books, an old quilt, and some apple cider. The only prepping I had to do was opening a package of Pillsbury Halloween cookies. Seriously, I'm all for homemade and from scratch, but some days...or most days...you've got to make things easier on yourself so you can provide these fun memories for your children. So, you have my permission to break open those prepackaged cookies and enjoy some poetry with your kids! 

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We chose a fun collection of poetry books for Halloween including Best Witches Poems For HalloweenAnnabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe (our son thought this was too sad, so no more Poe for a while), and Ring of Earth: A Child's Book of Seasons.

We sat on our old quilt among the fallen leaves and took turns reading bits of poetry while eating our cookies and drinking cider.

This is a Halloween tradition that the children loved. They declared it a success, prepacked Pillsbury cookies and all! The weather was perfect. The breeze was nice and the words danced from our lips and into our hearts as only poetry can. 


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