Our Week in Review


Welcome to another week in review here at Nourishing My Scholar. This is the Halloween edition so it's loaded with the children in costumes! Fun right? Of course they don't need a reason like Halloween to dress up. They don the costumes all year round! Throw in a bit of poetry and some great books and you've got our week!

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Our daughter dressed up as Elena of Avalor and our son dressed as the Dark Lord Sauron from The Lord of the Rings for Halloween. They had a grand time trick-or-treating with their friends. 

After Trick-or-Treating our son busied himself with counting and cataloging each and every piece of candy he received! 

We even had a Halloween Poetry Teatime Picnic! I dressed as the Disney Princess Snow White and we read Best Witches Poems for Halloween by Jane Yolen. It was a really perfect picnic and I believe it will be a standing Halloween tradition.

We carved pumpkins! I say we, but our daughter, Jade, deemed the the pumpkin innards revolting and refused to have anything to do with them. Our son, however, loved carving an owl and a sword. We made the pumpkin carvings a part of our Legend of Sleepy Hollow Unit Study!

The day after Halloween we fed all of our carved pumpkins to the cows, with the exception of one. We decided to watch the decomposition of "Jack" over the next couple of months. So, we've placed him at the edge of the garden for observation just like the little boy did in the book Pumpkin Jack. What did you do with your jack-o-lanterns?


We read a load of great books this week. Survive! Inside the Human Body is a fantastic science book in comic book form. We read several books to introduce the election process to our kids: Grace For President, Around America to Win the Vote, Otto Runs for President, and My Teacher for President. We even read a sweet book about cause and effect by David Ezra Stein called Because Amelia Smiled

We worked in some less than typical "Princess" books: Cinder Edna (which our son and I adored!), Princess Grace, The Princess Knight, and The Brave Little Seamstress. We also finished Roald Dahl's Matilda and then we watched the movie. Gabriel finished How to Speak Dragonese, Moonlight on the Magic Flute, Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, Apple Pip Princess, and Star Wars: Clone Troopers in Action.

We made our weekly trip to the library with Gabriel dressed as "Link" from The Legend of Zelda and Jade in a lovely pink dress with a train that swept the floor as she walked.

Gabriel worked on cursive J's and S's this week. He decided that cursive S's look like the fins of a shark! 

Yes, that is a ball python draped over his neck as he writes...whatever he needs for motivation, right?

Our son took an online Geology class through Supercharged Science...yes, he's dressed as Poe from the most recent Star Wars movie.

We also went to the state park for a ranger talk on fire safety and how to start a camp fire using flint!

Well, I'm getting older over here and thus had to get glasses! I feel smarter. Do I look smarter?

Our daughter dressed as a butterfly fairy to go get her hair cut. She dropped the wings in order to fit in the chair. Isn't she adorable!

The rest of our week was spent outside in this lovely weather we're having. The kids have been wearing their costumes and playing pretend non-stop. I love that they can exercise their imaginations in this way. Whether they be Rebel Fighters, or a Greek goddess...they can roll in the fallen leaves and climb trees to their hearts content.

How was your week?


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