Growing in Our Everyday Moments of Homeschool


While on a family hike at our local nature preserve, I captured this image. The buds of a tree ready to burst forth with life and beauty. Looking at this photo I began thinking....this tree is already full of life and beauty. Those things do not start once the buds open but are there throughout the life of the tree. How different is this from ourselves and our homeschooling journeys?

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Our homeschool isn't waiting for the perfect curriculum or for our children to finally grasp a concept or for us homeschool moms to feel like we finally have it all together. The beauty is already there in the everyday moments. The beauty of moments like snuggling on the couch reading a beloved book, the wonder on our children's faces when play turns to discovery, the excitement that their own creativity brings, the gentle touch of a mothers hand wiping away a tear. Those rainy days are needed just as much as the sunny days. A bit of compost is always helpful too! Our days are not all rainbows and sunshine. Our days are not all the iconic "perfect" day of "education"....but they are all days of learning and growth.

Yes, our children all learn and bloom in their own season and in their own ways, just as a tree does. But the tree is always every moment...reaching for the sun....growing....digging it's roots deeper....growing. Each tree has it's own individual needs of light, soil and sunshine just as our children have different needs of their own. As homeschool moms we have the unique opportunity to provide our children with an environment in which they can best learn. Remember it's not the best days that determine how they grow but the every day moments in which they thrive.


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