Our Holiday on the Farm


This week the children and I decided to take a little holiday together. My husband couldn't come because he was needed at work. So the children and I left the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, for a short time, and enjoyed the green pastures and slow pace of my sisters farm.

We arrived late in the afternoon and our daughter, Jade, immediately went out and about looking for the new baby cows. Yes, that is a pink, stuffed, baby cow in her arms. 

The next morning we found the baby cows in a small pasture near the barn! There were three: A black, a white and a red. We believe the red one took an instant liking to Jade. Jade wasn't so sure about being quite so close. She LOVES cows...but from a distance.

One of my favorite things about the farm is that the children can run wild and free! And, that's just what we did. We raced each other up and down the hilly landscape until we were completely exhausted. We love wide open spaces.

The children loved helping to feed the animals each morning. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the quiet. It allowed me to start a new knitting project. Gabriel asked for a scarf like Harry Potter. He even picked out the yarn he wanted.

We had a delicious time on the farm. The children herded cows, and chased each other through the fields. They watched with awe as the tractors went by and the morning glories opened in the cool of the mornings. I watched with awe at the wonder and excitement on their faces each day.

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