Making Nature Fairies


This week the children and I decided to make nature fairies as a welcome to the coming of fall. We saw a post about making them at Twig and Toadstool and the kids loved the idea. With the first cool nights and the leaves changing colors, this is a great time for collecting items outdoors. 

First we went on a nature hike and found  pine cones, acorns, rocks, sticks and leaves. Next we brought our hoard home and dumped it onto a blanket in the living room floor. The kids then proceeded to sort the treasures into piles.

Our son, Gabriel, then began the the process of hot gluing. You are probably suppose to use the regular hot glue but our son preferred the the glittery Christmas colors of silver, green and red. He glued a pine cone onto a rock and let that dry. Then he chose an acorn to go on top of the pine cone for the fairies head. We used leaves as wings and tiny sticks as arms. I even broke apart a few pine cones and used the pieces to make skirts and tutus for our fairies.

Our fairies turned out really cute and the kids had loads of fun making them. The three fairies below are supposed to represent myself and the children. I placed them on a shelf so we could remember our time making nature fairies together, always. 

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