At the Pond


Last week my husband and I took our children up to the beautiful state of Tennessee. We were visiting my sister and brother-in-law on their farm for eight days. There were so many memorable adventures that I have made them into separate posts. You can see our first day on the farm here, our hike up Margarette Falls here, our day at Brights Zoo here, and our Dinosaur Adventure here

While on our vacation we decided to take the children and visit my step father who lives near my sister and brother-in-law. On his land is a picturesque pond and dock. After visiting for a while, he took the children onto the pond in his little boat. He first paddled our daughter, Jade, around and then he took our son, Gabriel, and let him do the paddling. The children had a grand time on the pond. My step fathers dog Lou-Lou, and Gabriel watched from the dock as the juvenile cranes were taking their first flights from nearby trees. It was very exciting!

Finally, my step father brought out the fishing poles. Gabriel sat on the dock for next couple of hours as content as could be. He was doing something he had wanted to do all summer. He was fishing.

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