A Week in the Life of Unschoolers


Last week we were on our eight day vacation at the farm in Tennessee. This week, we are back home in Georgia. 

We got back home Sunday evening and had a grand time unpacking the car. If you have ever traveled with children then you can imagine how messy the vehicle was. We took it to the car wash station and gave it a good bath and vacuuming. 

My son, Gabriel, began his Advancement Taekwondo Camp on Monday. He was gone Monday through Friday. So, my days were filled with my daughter, Jade. We were outside playing daily. I love that Jade wanted to dress herself each day. I adore her sense of style!

We had tea parties with Unicorn and Sully as well as lots of painting. Jade loves the messiness of painting. It always leads to bubble baths!

She helped me make my bed each morning....what I mean by "help" is that she climbed my bed posts while I made my bed!

We sang the songs of "Phantom of the Opera" and "Grease" everyday. Those are her favorites. She'll say, "Momma we need sing opera!" We also had a permanent marker incident....FYI, rubbing alcohol works wonders! 

There were three books that we read 1,589,201,423 times....I'm kidding...but not really. "Meet the Ponies", "Horton Hears a Who", and "What makes a Rainbow" were her favorites this week.

In the evenings, Gabriel would come home tired. The first afternoon he came home wanting to research Kenya and drink coffee....his version of coffee is actually Chai Rooibus tea with honey and almond milk. One afternoon he came home wanting to watch a movie with Jade. They sat in an old box together like it was a drive-in movie. Most afternoons he came home wanting to read....to his little sister or sitting on my folded laundry...shirtless!

Friday afternoon was belt testing for Gabriel. He worked very hard and accomplished his goal of Green Belt Decided! 

Friday night was Ninja night at the Taekwondo school. Gabriel and Jade got to play there for three hours while Papa and I went and had dinner and then explored a book store.

On our date I got to meet a celebrity! The kids were so jealous.

Saturday morning we went grocery shopping. Spiderman kept us on track with the grocery list.

Saturday afternoon was a birthday party for one of Gabriel's best friends. It was a pool party, but when Gabriel showed up with Lego's all thoughts of the pool was abandoned!

We spent Sunday grilling out and eating watermelon with friends. The children rode their scooters and played tag. Gabriel discovered a little friend with a damaged wing. It was a Cicada Killer and completely harmless. And so, we ended our week laughing with flowers in our hair.

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