Our Dinosaur Adventure


Last week my husband and I took our children up to the beautiful state of Tennessee. We were visiting my sister and brother-in-law on their farm for eight days. There were so many memorable adventures that I have made them into separate posts. You can see our first day on the farm here, our hike up Margarette Falls here, and our day at Brights Zoo here.

My sister discovered the Backyard Terrors Dinosaur Park online and suggested we take the family. Family being my two sisters, Uncle Joe, our two children, my husband and myself. It is located in Bluff City, Tennessee. The park founder began it when he wanted a life size dinosaur. He couldn't afford one, so he built one himself. There are now 19 life size dinosaurs with more coming soon. Admission is free although donations are accepted. We decided to make this even more fun with pictures that say, without words, "Oh my gosh! It's a dinosaur!"  

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All of the dinosaurs are life sized replicas.  And yes, this is literally in someones back yard! How cool is that? Gorgosaurus, Struthiomimus, Dilophosaurus, and Brachiosaurus were all juveniles.

My sisters and Jade enjoyed exploring together. Jade would say with each new dinosaur, "Whoa, a big one!" The path led us past a Pteranadon and to the baby Triceratops.

Our son, Gabriel, had quite an interesting face in front of this Kentrosaurus. My husband and I were "terrified" and really tried to portray that with our, "Oh my gosh! It's a dinosaur!" faces, but Jade thought we were ridiculous. 

After posing with a couple of Parasaurolophus and a Stygimoloch, we decided to picnic under the the flying Tropeognathus.

After lunch, we had fun "swooshing" Jade back and forth at the Spinosaurus. The guys had to stop for a photo with the huge Apatosaurus and then Jade played at the Dino Dig site.

There was an indoor section that contained dinosaur animatronics like Plesiosaurus and Mosasaurus. When I first stepped inside and saw something move, I screamed. Turned out to be....a tree. Yep. True Story. Everybody got a good laugh with that one!

For one quick moment we saw a real live amphibian! He was chilling on a blade of grass in a nearby pond.

Then the path turned toward the woods. Gabriel led the way and read the signs for us. He already knew most of them, such as the Dienonychus, and Edmontosaurus, just by looking at them. He did point out that the Dimetrodon wasn't a dinosaur and did not live in the same time period. He actually belonged in the Permian time period, which was before the dinosaurs....you're welcome!

The Quetzalcoatlus was impressive and we were deeply "afraid." The Nothronychus was one of the few theropod dinosaurs that was actually a herbivore. Gabriel said the Ceratosaurus had a great set of teeth.

Our son told us all about Archeopteryx, one of the first dinosaurs discovered with feathers. The Carnotaurus and Triceratops were both full grown adult sizes. Wow, that's big.

As we came to the end of our adventure, we realized the best was saved for last. Tyrannosaurus Rex...the Tyrant Lizard King! This guy was intimidating! He was so intimidating that even Jade got in on the, "Oh my gosh! It's a dinosaur!" face! Good times were had by all.

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