A Week in the the Life of Unschoolers


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We've had a great couple of weeks here in Georgia. The weather has been slightly cooler and the humidity has been really low. If you've ever been to the South then you know what a blessing that can be in the month of August. Our neighbor decided to homeschool one of her four children. She loves the idea of Unschooling, so we've had them hang out with us everyday to have fun and learn how Unschooling works. Also, I apologize in advance. Our son seemed to have an aversion to wearing shirts most of this week.

Our son, Gabriel, and her daughter started off the week making a marble run out of toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks, and hot glue. It is already 3 foot tall and they are still adding more levels! Engineering at work, folks!

I love the excitement of discovery! The microscope was a big hit. The children looked at pollen, a caterpillar and a cicada exoskeleton under the microscope. It was really fascinating.

The kids opened Gabriel's Green Kid Crafts Box and learned about the ocean. They did several experiments. They learned how to make waves in a bottle and how to clean up oil spills.

Gabriel liked to read first thing in the morning. He prefers using the literature from the Ambleside Online website. This is a free Charlotte Mason curriculum. We don't use the whole curriculum, just the stories that he chooses. Our son prefers to read on his Ipad. So, this works for him.

Our afternoons were filled with Walking With Monsters, Walking With Dinosaurs, and Walking With Beasts. I found it humorous that our neighbors children spent all day in a classroom, but when they got home, they wanted to come to our house and see what Gabriel was doing. Whatever he was doing, they wanted to do it too! So, they learned about Arthropods, the Permian Extinction, the Mesozoic, the Largest Mammal to EVER live, and the Pliocene!

Of course there was Lego building and Gabriel is finishing up "The Hobbit" on Audible. He has chosen "The Lost World" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for his next audio book. I love his taste in literature.

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Our daughter, Jade, painted ever day. Afterwards she needed a bath because she gets paint everywhere! It's awesome!

One day, after the public school let out, the neighbor's kids came over and raided our costume trunk. Darth Vadar....I mean Gabriel and "Princess" Jade really enjoyed the pretend play with their friends.

We made friends with an Orange Striped Oak Worm. We discovered hundreds of them along the ground under the trees. We collected a few of them into mason jars for observation and study. 

The Cicadas have really been out this week. We've found live ones and just the exoskeletons up and down the Pine Trees. This is really awesome because we just learned about Arthropods. Did you know that Spiders are also Arthropods but not all Arthropods are Spiders? Also, Lobsters are Arthropods but not all Arthropods are Lobsters. I found this information fascinating!

My husband and I took Jade to several birthday parties and to the park while Gabriel was at a sleep over. She was adorable following the Mommy Duck and her little ducklings! There were also about 75 geese at the playground. I was surprised at how docile they were. I know most geese can have attitude, but these were lovely.

Gabriel was given a "Cruiser" from one of our family friends...just because. He had loads of fun riding it.

The kids have also been busy building a club house in the woods. They are working on a wall made out of sticks and branches. This is engineering at work folks!

Finally, at another birthday party, Jade showed the other toddlers what it meant to have have free artistic expression. She didn't even bother with the brushes. She went right into the paint with her hands and created her masterpiece...then she proceeded to paint herself.

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