Our Day at the Booth Western Museum


On Saturday my husband and I took our children to the Booth Western Museum's 12th birthday celebration. The museum is located in Cartersville, Georgia. It is dedicated to all things western as you can tell from the enormous statue at the entrance of the cowboy on the bucking bronco. The Zoo Atlanta Mobile was out front giving a presentation about Pandas for this occassion. Our son, Gabriel, found it fascinating, but our daughter, Jade, thought the blades of grass were more interesting. 

As we entered the beautiful museum, the first thing we saw was the Lego Land Atlanta table. Gabriel was instantly drawn to it and began helping build the pieces needed. Jade tried to "help" too but without much success.

After about 45 minutes we finally pulled Gabriel away from the Lego table. We still needed to see the rest of the exhibits! We promised him we would come back to help finish the Lego masterpiece. We entered a large area dominated be a sculpture of a Brave catching a Golden Eagle! The story goes that the Native Americans believed that the Golden Eagle was the closest to the Great Spirit they could get. So for every act of bravery they collected 1 Eagle feather. They needed to collect 29/30 before they could make their headdress. 

To the side of the great statue was a table where we were able to color our own bandannas! Jade only colored a small part of hers before she decided coloring her hands was more fun. Gabriel was very inquisitive and wanted to know the purpose of bandannas. So we told him how they helped keep the dirt and dust out of your mouth and nose....or if you were a bandit they helped cover your face!

We saw a real Cowboy Bed Roll! Our son was excited to lay in it and pretend to be looking up at the night sky in the desert. I thought it seemed less than ideal...I mean, it looks like snakes and scorpions could just cuddle right up next to you!

The galleries were amazing! The painting were beautiful and I loved how Gabriel wanted to know about each one. He seems very interested in the Civil War now, so we may need to study that next. His face lit up when he saw the cannon. He wanted to know the mechanics of it, so that may need to be part of the Civil War study...how cannons were made, how they were used, etc. Even Jade asked questions about the paintings, though she seemed more interested in the ones with Native Americans in them.

We had fun taking pictures with some funny cowboy hats.

There was even a Wild West Bounce House!

What's a celebration without CAKE! Who doesn't love cake? I believe, for Jade, eating cake was the best part of the whole day.

For Gabriel, the best part of the day was helping to finish the life size Lego Cactus. Although, if you asked him, he will say the whole day was epic!

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