Brights Zoo


Last week my husband and I took our children up to the beautiful state of Tennessee. We were visiting my sister and brother-in-law on their farm for eight days. There were so many memorable adventures that I have made them into separate posts. You can see our first day on the farm here and our hike up Margarette Falls here.

Brights Zoo is a privately owned zoo in Limestone, Tennessee! We have passed by it for years when visiting my sister, but had never stopped and visited until this past vacation. We were in for a treat!

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The first thing we did upon entering was head straight for the Giraffe's for feeding. I had bought myself and my son, Gabriel, a ticket that allowed us to actually feed them! Gabriel was so excited! He has never fed a zoo animal before. We stood on the platform and waited patiently. One Giraffe snuck up behind my son and tried to take his hat! It was AWESOME!

After feeding the Giraffes a couple of carrots, we began to explore the rest of the zoo. It's a great deal bigger than it looked upon first parking. The walkways are paved with a spray station at every corner. The animals have huge fields of green in which to run. We were able to get really close to the Tapir.

We were delighted to get not one, but two zoo keeper talks! One was on the Asian Otters and the other was on the Red Panda. Gabriel was able to ask loads of questions and have them answered,

After the keeper talks we continued to explore. There were so many interesting animals, but of course they didn't want to corporate for photos. I did manage some good pictures of a zebra and her calf, an Oryx dammah, and the Ostrich's.

Then we saw a group of Oryx gazella, Sarus Crane, and Male & Female Nyala.

The Goats were full of fun. Goats are just funny creatures to me. They fussed and fussed until we petted them.

A large enclosure of different tortoises were our next stop. Then we came to a Marabou Stork, and an East African Crowned Crane both getting ready to bed down. 

The Southern Ground-Hornbill was hilarious. He kept trying to give my son the stone he was holding in his beak!

The African Wart Hogs and Spider Monkey's were next. I had to put a yellow circle on Mr. Spider Monkey because he was showing off his attributes. Gabriel thought it was hilarious. The Macaws saw us out as we departed from a truly lovely zoo.

 I didn't get good pictures of all the animals but I did get there signs. Gabriel wants to create a binder of them all so he can always remember his trip to Brights Zoo.

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