Green Kid Crafts Box


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This week my son received a new subscription box that he has wanted to try out. The Green Kid Crafts Box is a Science/Stem/Craft subscription for children ages 6-10 years old. It was a hit in our home!

This months box was all about outer space. The first thing we learned about was the solar system, rockets, rocket balloons and how they work. We made two different types of balloon rockets and the kids had a ball! Even my toddler, Jade, enjoyed blowing up the balloons.

Second, we learned about constellations! Gabriels favorite is Ursa Major. He likes the bear. Although he like Orion pretty good too. He got to make his own planetarium out of a toilet paper roll, which he found fascinating!

Third, we went inside for some kitchen experiments dealing with Space Sand! This sand refuses to get wet! We added it to water, to dish soap, and to olive olive. We even froze some in water to see the reaction. It was really fun to see what it would do and how it worked.

Lastly, when to sun went down, we went outside with the moon calendar he got in his subscription box to observe the moon and begin studying the phases. We will go out each night for the next 28 days to see the changes that take place.

The Green Kid Crafts Box was by far one of Gabriels favorite science subscriptions yet. He loved the science/STEM and craft activities, but he also loved that this is a GREEN Company! He is very concerned for our environment so a company that gives back to our planet in some way is going to impress.

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