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Last week my husband and I took our children up to the beautiful state of Tennessee. We were visiting my sister and brother-in-law on their farm for eight days. There were so many memorable adventures that this may turn into an eight part series, HA!

First off let me say that the car ride up is about four and a half hours depending on traffic. The night before my husband and I were talking about the length of time with our son Gabriel. He stated that four and a half hours was a long time to be sitting in the car. My husband told him not to worry because our son always falls asleep within an hour of driving. Gabriel denied this accusation and argued with us the rest of the night and even into the beginning of the drive until....he fell asleep! 

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We spent the first few moments at the farm in the pastures feeding the calves. Uncle Joe showed Gabriel how to cut down the stalks of corn and then they carried the stalks to baby cows. Even Jade helped carry the heavy load...that is she carried one whole stalk.  We then got to hand feed the stalks of corn to the calves. It was a great experience and the kids really enjoyed it. 

One of our traditions when we go to the farm has been to let Gabriel "herd" the yearling cows with the families beloved farm dog. They've been doing it for years together and it's always been great fun. Unfortunately, the sweet old fella passed away back in the spring. Jade hasn't been old enough to "herd" the cows until now. So, we took the kids to the pasture with the yearlings and they proceeded to herd/chase them together.

Once the children had run themselves tired we headed to the back porch where two other families had gathered to help pick the green beans off of the bushes. I believe Gabriel ate half of what he picked! He had never had raw green beans before but he loved them. Jade on the other hand was more concerned with all of the creepy crawlies she was finding in the bean plants.

Once we finished picking all of the green beans we started to head in but got side tracked by tadpoles! That's right. The old kiddie pool was full of them. The kids caught eight to observe while on the farm.

Finally, after being outside on the farm for more than five hours, we headed inside for a late supper, baths and bed. This may be the beginning of the best vacation yet!

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