Tinker Crate Review


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This week my son, Gabriel, received his Tinker Crate subscription box. There is something about getting a package in the mail addressed to you personally that is exciting. This package contained all of the items needed to experiment with Polymers...while sitting on my counter.

Measuring and mixing, my son had so much fun making glow in the dark slime, putty and bouncy balls. He learned about the science behind polymers with the easy to read booklet. After following the directions to make these experiments, he starting mixing ingredients without following directions, just to see what would happen. Cups of gunk ensued. We learned the importance of following the directions if you want your experiment to turn out a certain way. He thoroughly enjoyed the box and learned much. Tinker Crate is a great way for kids to explore hands on science and engineering! We both, highly recommend Tinker Crate for your budding scientist!

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