A Week in the Life of Unschoolers


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Our Monday began out in Nature! We hiked the trail around our home in the am. We found a Praying Mantis egg sack in the middle of the trail. Gabriel also discovered a frog but he hopped into the bushes before I could snap a picture. We explored the mostly dry creek. I say mostly because my daughter managed to stumble and fall into the only spot with water....a whole inch and a half of it! It was still enough to wet her entire front! We hurried inside for a change of clothes and then snuggled on the couch to read my sons choice in books.

Tuesday began with us waiting for a group of friends whom we were going to take on our hike. Gabriel led the way through the woods. The GIANT slug freaked out most of the kids and my son explained how to be cautious around mushrooms.

After the hike, a few of the kids came over to build LEGO's with Gabriel. Then my son went over to their house for a sleep over.  My daughter wanted me to help her with puzzles and read Dr. Seuss in his absence.

Wednesday after breakfast, Jade and I went outside to paint, play tag and draw with side walk chalk!

When Gabriel got home from his sleep over on Wednesday, he opened his package from Groovy Lab in a Box! He was super excited to learn about flight! We learned about the Bernoulli Principle and practiced blowing tennis balls with air through a straw to see which way they would go. We will continue with the rest of the box next week.

That afternoon we went to the playground and played tag in the rain with friends!

Gabriel picked a few books to read at bedtime. The books by Brian P. Cleary are so much fun! We also finished up the "Wizard of Oz!"

Gabriel got his Little Passports USA Edition on Thursday! He LOVED it and asked me to continue the subscription! Each month he will learn about two different states!

Most of Friday, Gabriel was off at the park with a friend and her mom. But, when he got home he wanted to work addition and subtraction problems using chocolate chips. Later on that night we had a family game night of UNO. By the way, I am the current reigning champion!

Saturday morning, after Taekwondo class, Gabriel had a friend come over. They built LEGO's and rode scooters together the rest of the morning and early afternoon.

Saturday evening was spent at the playground bouncing balls and playing pretend with Papa. Gabriel said he was a "War Chief" and was doing "covert operations." Jade was a sword wielding "Priestess!" I love the imaginations of these kids!

Sunday morning Gabriel was busy building structures out of black grapes and tooth picks. We also read a couple more fun books on Pronouns and Prepositions.

Later that morning we went to the Holcomb Bridge Park. They have a lovely playground and a charming little trail by the river.

After a few hours at the park, we took Jade home for a nap with Papa and then Gabriel and I headed for the library! He exhausted himself choosing so many great books. As we left he asked, "Momma, can we have all of these read by my birthday?" To which I replied, "Your birthday is next week!" And Gabriel said, "Soooo, that's a yes?" This kid!!!

We ended our Sunday with grilling outside and old family friends. Gabriel said he was a "War Chief" again and was having sword battles with everyone! Jade managed to take everyone out with her "Secret Pony Move"...which consisted of her ramming you with her stuffed pony.

I believe good friends and good food is a great way to end any week!


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