A Week in the Life of Unschoolers


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This weeks "Week in the Life" post begins on Tuesday....I know, Monday is the beginning of the week. But you see, I did a guest post on "A Day in the Life" for my friend Rebecca over at Hip Homeschooling. Pop over there if you like and check it out!

Tuesday began outside investigating holes and dirt. Jade very much wanted to find a snake. I very much did not want her to. Luckily the holes were empty! We then met up with friends and enjoyed playing outside games the rest of the morning.

After lunch, one of Gabriels friends came over to play with Lego's and watch the Hobbit movie "Battle of the Five Armies!"  While the boys enjoyed themselves, Jade and I were building castles and rescuing princesses. 

Wednesday began with Gabriel reading to our cat, Mamma Kitty. She loves listening to him read out loud.  After lunch, Gabriel went with a friend and her Mom to and indoor trampoline park. They were gone for three hours! After Jades nap, she and I painted, practised using scissors, and played with baby dolls. When Gabriel and his friend got back they spent the rest of their time together building with Lego's.

Wednesday night was Gabriel's belt testing in Taekwondo! He was wonderful! After an hour of testing his skills, he was awarded his Green Belt recommended! 

Thursday morning, I woke to find these to hugging! So precious! Gabriel played his favorite math game Prodigy on the computer that day. He seems to really like fractions. I'm sure the Coconut Milk Ice Cream helped! While he played his game, Jade and I colored with markers on paper plates...it's her new favorite thing to do! When Jade went down for a nap, Gabriel stepped outside for a little meditation.

When Jade woke from her nap on Thursday, we headed outside for a little tree climbing. Little did I realize that Jade would climb over 6 ft high in a tree..in flip flops! I was a nervous wreck, but I didn't interfere. I let her climb with her brother. She was so proud of herself! We finished off the day playing with Lego's!

Friday began outside walking and exploring. We talked about the squirrels and cicadas making so much noise in the trees. I love the sounds of the cicadas. It doesn't quite feel like summer without them!

When we went inside, Jade and I played games while Gabriel read to Mamma Kitty. 

When Jade woke up from her nap on Friday, we went back outside to explore and climb trees. Gabriel was fascinated with the honey bees in the bushes. Jade was just happy to climb another tree like brother...although, her tutu did make it more difficult. So she did end up taking it off. We still aren't sure what we found wrapped up in the spiders web, but it was interesting!

Once everyone was filthy, we headed inside for baths!

Gabriel wanted to do some of his Little Passports which included "tattoos!" He loves this geography program! When he was done learning about Russia, he wanted to read.

Later Friday evening, Gabriel wanted to do a few experiments with his Crystal Growing Kit! There are 15 experiments total and we are on number 5. We learned about dissolution, crystal growth, sodium sulfate, and evaporation.

Gabriel then wanted to play more fraction games on Prodigy. Afterwards he and Jade went for a sleepover at our friends house!

Saturday morning, Nana Dinosaur (given that name by Gabriel when he was 3 because she worked at the toy store where there were toy dinosaurs) came to visit! We hadn't seen her in over a month. When the kids got back from their sleepover, they snuggled up with her for the afternoon!!

Sunday morning Nana Dinosaur had to return to work. We gave her lots of hugs and kisses before she left. We probably will not see her for another month at least.

We went outside to grill out with our good friends and their kids! The children spent all of the late morning into the middle of the afternoon playing while the grownups prepared dish after dish of deliciousness. 

For me, this is what summer time looks like...grilling ribs outside with friends, eating watermelon, listening to the cicadas in the trees and feeling the cool breeze on our faces. Yes, this is glorious! 


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