Father's Day


Father's day morning we let Papa sleep in. Normally he is up at 4:30 am preparing for work! So, while he slept and pretty much enjoyed his morning of quiet relaxation, the kids and I headed to Riverside Park. The kids enjoyed the view of the river. My budding photographer was excited to capture ducks in his photographs. Jade was just as excited and yelled, "Ducks! Momma, ducks!"

We then headed over the bridge to view the turtles sun bathing on the submerged logs. We stopped for a snack and took a couple of photo's together.

After walking a ways, the kids wanted to turn back and go play at the playground. Gabriel decided that climbing trees was a better option. After a few hours we headed home to see how Papa was enjoying his day.

When we got home I made Papa a favorite meal and then we all headed back outside for epic sword battles! Shoes optional... Jade picked Papa a beautiful "flower" and I captured the family making silly faces.

We went in for naps before heading out again for a Father's Day hike! I love that Papa held Jades hand for most of our adventure because she asked him to. I love that he listened to Gabriel's constant chatter. I love how he would look over at me and smile. My heart melted!

So here is to the Dad that will sleep on the couch with his kids when they are ill, so that they are comforted. Here is to the man that works crazy hours to provide for his family. Here is to the father that will build Lego's and play pretend with these little monkeys. Here is to the greatest Papa I have ever known. I hope he enjoyed his day! I know we enjoyed our day with him.


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