A Week in the Life of Unschoolers


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Our Monday began with one of Gabriel's friends coming over. They built Lego's the WHOLE DAY! Seriously! From 9am to 3pm that's all they did!

Jade and I put puzzles together the whole time. After Gabriel's friend went home, we went to Taekwondo. There, the staff proceeded to spoil Jade while her brother was in class. She ate birthday cake and got tickles!

Tuesday began with rain but as soon as it was done we headed outside to play. We jumped in puddles, rode scooters and bikes with our friends all morning long!

When I put Jade down for her nap, Gabriel and I proceeded to read one of his new books from the library and then we listened to "The Fellowship of the Ring" on Audible while we played chess. He won at chess....

Once Jade woke up we took her to her Taekwondo class. Gabriel says that she will take you down with her power of cuteness! While Jade was in class, Gabriel was hanging out with his friends. When her class was over she enjoyed a chocolate cupcake!

Wednesday began with Papa getting to go into work late. So we got to spend the morning with him! FYI: when a toddler asks you to read a princess story....you read the princess story!

We then met our friends at the pool where Gabriel preceded to save the life of a drowning lizard!

Wednesday afternoon was spent painting. What I mean by painting is that Gabriel and I painted pictures. Jade painted her paper, my table, and herself!

Papa and I had decided that on Thursday we would give Gabriel one birthday gift. It was a day early, but Papa wanted to see him open it. Gabriel asked to be blindfolded so that he would have to use all of his other senses to figure out what it was! When he guessed perfectly, he saw the the Halo Mantis Lego set! He has been wanting this for several years so he was uber excited!

We then went outside to play with friends at the playground. In the process of playing we discovered an insect that had just molted! It still had it's exoskeleton hanging onto it's leg! We never did figure out what insect it was though.

After Jades nap, our friends came over for a tea party with her and to build Lego's with Gabriel. When they left, we listened to more of "The Fellowship of the Ring" on Audible. We are almost finished. The company just fled the mines Moria!

Friday was Gabriel's 8th Birthday!!!! He opened another present that he had been wanting for some time, a Crystal making Kit! He also got to eat a whole box of cookies while watching the first three Jurassic Park movies in preparation for the Jurassic World movie we were going to take him to see that night! Allergy friendly cookies of course!

While he was watching the movies, Jade was coloring. What I mean by coloring is that she was tearing the crayon paper off and then breaking the crayon in half before coloring with it. Jade has learned all of her colors this way! She knows pink, blue, yellow, green, brown, white, and orange! Red is hit or miss. Half the time she still says it's pink.

When Jade went down for her nap on Friday, Gabriel and I made a Lego Parachute. It really works too! Check out our video!

The night of Gabriel's birthday his Papa and I took him to see the new Jurassic World movie! It was awesome! Although, Gabriel did end up in my lap at one point.

Saturday morning Gabriel had an early Taekwondo class. Jade wasn't feeling it....

Saturday afternoon we drove down to visit Nana. She surprised Gabriel with three Dragonbreath books for his birthday to add to his collection. He only needs three more to have the complete set!

The kids then went outside to investigate her huge back yard.

Gabriel discovered an abandoned bird nest and with the help of Papa managed to retrieve it to add to his collection. Uncles, Aunts and Cousins came over to wish Gabriel a happy birthday. They all enjoy Nana's  big yard too!

And so our week ended at the pool with Gabriel practicing his cannon balls and Jade practicing her roars.


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