A Week in the Life of Unschoolers


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We began our week with the building of the K'nex Robo Sting...I say we, but Gabriel did 95% of the work. This is his first K'nex. He wanted to try one out to see if it was something he would enjoy. He began working on this Robo Sting over the weekend, but couldn't finish it until we picked up batteries on Monday. It Was A BIG Hit!  Check out his video, below, of it walking!

Gabriel read to our pets everyday. I'm not sure who enjoys it more.... Gabriel, the cats or the dog!

We have been listening to "The Fellowship of the Ring" by J.R.R Tolkien with the Audible App on our Ipad. Gabriel gets completely engrossed in this book. After an hour, I will go to cut it off and he will plead for another chapter...as if I would say no!

At bedtime, I have been reading "The Wizard of Oz" by Frank L. Baum. The kids love the illustrations in this book. I have to admit, it takes me back to my childhood.


There was some awesome Toddler Fashion going on as we explored nature! We discovered Magnolias as big as our heads, Yuccas in bloom, Centipedes, Earthworms, Mud Puddles, and great places to ROAR! Jade was the one roaring by the way....

One day we discovered a little bird with a neck injury. He was still hopping around and chirping. Papa called our vet and sent a picture. The vet said it didn't look good. Gabriel insisted we take the little bird inside. He said that if it was going to die, it should die in peace and not outside where anything could get it. So, we put it in a comfy shoe box and brought it inside. When we got home from Taekwondo that night, the little bird had passed. Papa and Gabriel gave it a proper burial out under the trees. It was a sad day.

Gabriel asked to play his favorite math game, Prodigy, everyday! He is trying to level his character...

I was so proud of how he suddenly wanted to read his own math problems instead of asking me to read them for him! I've been patiently waiting for that moment. It was wonderful to see how confident he has become in his reading!

Gabriel was busy building onto his Lego city while Jade and I colored and put puzzles together every single day.

We also made necklaces out of buttons...all Gabriel's idea.

He went swimming with friends a couple of times. We also went swimming together as a family. They practiced their Taekwondo moves at the pool too!

We went to Taekwondo almost every evening! Gabriel has class four days out of the week and Jade just started her class too! She is so cute in her uniform!

We went to the playground everyday to play tag, ride scooters with friends, play hide-n-go seek and show off a few Taekwondo moves!

Gabriel saw a craft on the internet that he wanted to do, a pine cone mobile! We went outside and chose the perfect sticks and pine cones. I laid plastic down on the floor and got out the paint, glitter and brushes. The kids had a ball!!!

Then, Jade decided it was more fun to paint herself than a silly pine cone! She even started painting me! Needless to say, when all was said and done, she had to have a bath!

Finally, we finished our week with a trip, with Papa, to the Tellus Science Museum! I love the wonder and excitement that we all go home with after a visit to a museum!

We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our week.


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