Our Day at the Atlanta Zoo


We decided to go to the Atlanta Zoo Sunday morning. It was a lovely day, slightly overcast and in the mid 70's. It was perfect!

We began our tour of the zoo with the pink flamingos. Gabriel told us all about the flamingos food and that it was the food that gave them their pink coloring.

We then came to the Elephant enclosure. She was giving herself a dust bath which our son told us keeps the bugs away.

It was a real treat to feed the parakeets! Even Jade got to join in the fun.

In case you are wondering about Jades face...she trip and fell at the playground the evening before we came to the zoo. Unfortunately she landed on her face...

We preceded to the Wart Hogs and Meerkats. We noticed certain animals had a very distinct odor to them...the Wart Hogs being one of those certain animals.

Then more animals of the African Plains: Black Rhino, Zebra, Giraffe, and Bongo!

This Kori Bustard was hilarious! He was spying on us from his enclosure with his feathers all ruffled.

The lions were busy snoozing, but Gabriel was able to inspect a lion skull replica.

We then came to the Amphibian and Reptile Experience. This was Gabriel's favorite exhibit. Fair warning...lots of snakes!

But there were also Tortoises, Turtles, Lizards, Iguanas, Salamanders, and Frogs. Gabriel even got to handle a Gila Monster skull replica!

Gabriel told us everything he knew about many of the animals. A couple of ladies over heard him and made a point of stopping my husband and speaking with him. They said that our son was very well spoken and definitely his own person.

We took a break from walking and settled down for some snacks around midday. But first we took a picture with the Willie B. Memorial statue. Willie B. was a western lowland gorilla who lived at the Atlanta Zoo for 39 years. He died in 2000. He was an ambassador of sorts and well loved by the Atlanta community.

After our snacks we proceeded to the Gorilla habitat. This was Jades favorite part of the zoo. She adored the Gorillas. Though... she did fuss at the silver back when he began to urinate. She yelled, "Don't pee in the floor!" Another silver back in another enclosure proceeded to defecate and Jade yells, "Eww, so gross!"

After the Gorillas we watched a mother Orangutan carry her baby around on her back. Her baby was no bigger than Jade! They could have been twins...if Jade had longer arms...and was covered in orange hair!

There was also the Komodo Dragon that Jade thought was a real dragon.

We finally reached the Pandas. We were surprised at how small they were. Even though they are not bears, I suppose we expected them to be bear size.

We had a blast at the Zoo! We saw some amazing animals and learned so much more. There were more animals that I didn't capture in a photograph but we learned about them nonetheless. As we were leaving, we asked the kids if they enjoyed themselves. There was a resounding "YES!"

Of course before we even got 10 minutes down the road, both kids were fast asleep.


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