A Week in the Life of an Unschooling Family


Our week started out with rain. Lots and lots of rain, but that was OK. We are big fans of mud puddles! Although, I believe my daughter took jumping in mud puddles to a new level when she belly flopped into one!

Gabriel received a new Lego so he spent a whole morning working on it. After that he wanted to climb trees! Of course he climbs trees most days.

When we stumbled upon a millipede one day, Gabriel wanted to know everything about them. Did you know they are Arthropods? The next day we found Pill Bugs! Their scientific name is Armadillidiidae and they are crustaceans like lobsters and shrimp! We learned all about them as well! Later that same day we found a beetle. Again, my son wanted to know all about it. The only problem was I didn't recognize it. It took about an hour of searching before we discovered it was a May Bug, scientific name Phyllophaga!

We went to the pool several times throughout the week and played with friends. Gabriel is working on perfecting his cannon ball.

We had friends join us for Taekwondo. They wanted to try it out to see if they would like it. We also signed Jade up for the Tiny Cubs Class. She received her own uniform and everything! She was so excited she went running out onto the mat yelling, "HI-YAH!"

We read great new books from the library! They were really entertaining and Gabriel really enjoyed them. Who knew Nouns and Verbs could be so much fun! He was also playing the math game Prodigy throughout the week!

We finished reading the 10th book in the Dragonbreath series by Ursala Vernon. Of course, Gabriel did lots of reading on his own and played Minecraft.

Gabriel received his first K'nex kit in the mail! He has started putting the Robo-Sting together and he says he REALLY likes it.

There may or may not have been some climbing of fences....

We purchased new Story Cubes. The Enchanted set! We thought these would go well with the Prehistoric set he has already. These little cubes provide loads of entertainment! You must tell a story based on the pictures on the cubes! Our whole family enjoys playing.

Lots of sidewalk chalk drawings with Jade! Gabriel helped too. One morning I found Gabriel hard at work coloring a castle just for me.

Another day, while playing with friends, Jade fell and scraped up her little face. She bounced back quickly, although she had to tell every single person at the playground how she fell and "got blood."

We had a lovely week! We ended it with a family trip to the Atlanta Zoo! We had an amazing time and were thoroughly exhausted by the end.


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