Little Passports: A Trip Around the World


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We are Unschoolers, which means we follow our sons interest in learning. He chooses what he wants to learn about and how he wants to learn it. One thing that our son has been choosing for over a year is the Little Passports World Addition. Our son ADORES Sam & Sofia!

This week we opened a package on Israel! It contained a postcard from the Dead Sea, a Dreidal, a Letter from Sam & Sofia, Stickers, and a little Activity Book! We talked about the Wailing Wall, Queen Esther, and the Dead Sea. He got to see the Hebrew alphabet as well as learn the meanings of a few symbols and the word Shalom! We had loads of fun.

Gabriel always asks about any unique creatures or fossils found in the country that Sam & Sofia visit. Well, for Israel we learned about Stegodyphus lineatus! A desert Spider. It was disgustingly fascinating. We also learned that Israel is where the first evidence of Natufian Culture was found! He found this very interesting!

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