Our Week in Pictures


Our week began with tree climbing, swings, discovering a patch of wild strawberries, and digging in the dirt!

We had lots of play time with friends, including freeze tag, red light green light, and hide-and-go seek! Gabriel even taught one of his friends how to use his sling shot. Both of my children are social butterflies.

Gabriel read to our Mama Kitty daily. She adores him.

Playing on the playground slide led to an in-depth discussion on static electricity! We also identified a red-bellied woodpecker flying around the playground trees.

Gabriel enjoyed this months Little Passports package on Thailand. We dug a little deeper and looked up unique animals from Thailand as well. Then we ordered Thai food! It was a win win situation.

More Reading! Random questions he asked that we looked up included: What is Ear Wax? and What is Gold made of?

We listened to a chapter each day of The Fellowship of the Ring on our Audible App.

Gabriel also had Taekwondo class three nights out of the week.

Gabriel learned how to make crystals out of Borax, hot water, and food coloring!

There were quite a few sweet sibling moments.

Gabriel created a catapult using a ruler, doll house chair, and a penny. He practiced changing the position of this homemade lever and observed the different effects. By changing the position, he could catapult the penny all the way to the ceiling or only a few inches!

We discovered a recently killed chipmunk. I did not let them touch it...although Gabriel did poke it with a stick. He instantly decided he wanted to keep the bones!  So with a little help from a few online friends and professionals, we learned what needed to be done and the procedures to take. We let Papa bury the poor creature so that natural decomposition could take place. We will check it in a month to see if it is ready to be boiled....Bleh! The things we do to assist our children in learning and following their interests!

Lots of LEGO building all week long!

We went on a family hike at Cochran Mill Park. We came across an assortment of snakes and lizards, and both kids got soaked in the creek. It was glorious!

And finally, we went to visit Nana. She read them a new book while they played! They ate watermelon, "mowed the grass", dug up and cleaned new rocks! At one point, Gabriel fell into a bucket on Nana's porch. Of course after he fell in, Jade then had to mimic him. But she would pop out randomly yelling, "I find you!" We had the best time with Nana.

By Sunday evening we were all exhausted! We had such a fun week.


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