What If I Acted Like My Toddler


Our toddler, Jade, is the most precious little girl I have ever known. I know I'm biased, but I did give birth to her, so.....yeah. Anyway, as precious as this precocious little girl is I have begun to notice certain traits of hers that confound me. I mean, I don't remember my son behaving this way. Ever. Of course it's been five years since he was a toddler, so it is possible that I have simply forgotten... So, I've been thinking, "What if I acted like my toddler?"

"If I acted like my toddler, I would have my own fashion sense and would care nothing for what other people thought about it."

Our daughter has picked out her own clothes since she turned two years old. She suddenly became very concerned that I or my husband were not picking out the appropriate attire. So she took over! It is not uncommon to see her dressed in tutu's, dresses, pants, and heels or boots....at the same time! Sometimes she refuses to take off the outfit for days!

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"If I acted like my toddler, I would act upon my every emotion without holding back!"....and I would probably go to jail too.

At two years old our daughter has a voice of her own. When she gets upset about something, she yells, "Ugh! I'm So Busy!!!!" and walks off. I have no idea where this lovely trait was picked up as no one else in the house as ever yelled this phrase! Yes, she sometimes yells, hits, and throws things and we are working with her on that. There is definitely attitude. But she also knows how to tell you when she needs or wants something. She knows how to tell you "yes" and "no". She has a mind of her own.

"If I acted like my toddler I would be creative and messy!"

Our daughter loves messes! The messier the better! Sensory bins do not stay in the bins with her. My dining room table, walls and kitchen floor have taken the brunt of her creativity. They have been repeatedly covered in paint, sand, diaper ointment, flour, and fingernail polish! No place is safe! Most of us are creative in some way, I know I am. But I am conscious of my messes where as my daughter is not.

"If I acted like my toddler, I would be fearless and filled with curiosity!"

Our daughter fears nothing! She is outgoing and brave. She is always looking for her next adventure. Be it climbing a new tree, or onto a new structure, trying new foods...even if it is a dog biscuit her brother gives her, facing an "enemy" in a battle of swords, or meeting a new friend. She approaches all of these things with a fearlessness that I aspire to.

"If I acted like my toddler, I would be funny"....and probably drunk.

Our daughter says the cutest things! Like, "Crokydiwal" instead of Crocodile and "Bakitoes" instead of Mosquitoes! She also does the funniest things. Like sitting in my big punch bowl singing, making funny faces, laughing in the kitchen, popping out of boxes at random yelling, "I find you!" Or the times she wants to go bug hunting in her tutu! Yeah...for me to do any of those things I would have to be drunk!

"If I acted like my toddler, I would be relentless in getting the things I wanted out of life.

As I am sure most toddlers are, our daughter is relentless! She will ask you the same question 100,453 times until you give her the answer she is wanting. I am only exaggerating a little. This cutie patootie will wear you down and bend you to her will!

As I write all of this out, I realize there are many ways acting like my toddler wouldn't be the best course of action...like throwing things and yelling at people....sitting in a punch bowl singing probably isn't a good idea either. But there are many ways I can learn to act like her and it would be for the better. I can learn to be more curious and fearless. I can learn to be more creative. The most important thing for me though, is to learn to care less about what others think and be a bit more relentless in achieving my goals. The more I ponder it, maybe acting like my toddler wouldn't be such a terrible thing!


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